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The Management Studio

The RavenDB Management Studio is a lightweight Silverlight client to let you easily manage the data in a RavenDB server instance. Using the Studio you can view, create, edit or delete documents, manage indexes, issue queries, view the errors log, import / export, and more.

The Studio is accessible from any RavenDB server, regardless of how it is deployed. However, it does require the user to authenticate against the server, most commonly using his Windows credentials.

// TODO: Studio screenshot

Basic navigation

At the top left of the page there are the navigation tabs, a link for each of the screens in the Studio:

Some database-wide statistics are shown at the bottom of the screen:

There you will also find the Licensing status and the build number for the server and the studio:

Features overview

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REPLY Posted by Juan on

It would be wise to explain how to access the Management Studio. You just have to open your browser, have Silverlight installed and open your RavenBD server address on the 8081 port: http://<yourserveraddress>:8081

Ayende Rahien
REPLY Posted by Ayende Rahien on

Actually, the default port in 8080, but yes, that is how you get there

REPLY Posted by Mickey on

Interesting, I have Silverlight installed but get the blue themed web page interface.

Ayende Rahien
REPLY Posted by Ayende Rahien on

Go to the root url, and it should show you that.

REPLY Posted by Mickey on

Yep, I get the blue themed interface with a lot less functionality. BTW, I am reviewing for the first time today...wow, what a fantastic system.

Ayende Rahien
REPLY Posted by Ayende Rahien on

Let us move the discussion to the mailing list, please. We can help you better there.

Stefan I
REPLY Posted by Stefan I on

Is there a way to configure the server to use a specific other port in case 8080,8081 are blocked but to use 8080 if not?

Ayende Rahien
REPLY Posted by Ayende Rahien on

Sure, you can set Raven/Port to * (star) It will find the first open port after 8080 that it can

REPLY Posted by Bivek on

"The Studio is accessible from any RavenDB server..." This is a piece of text from above paragraph, Could you please tell me what is actually accessed by what? I believe Studio accesses the RavenDB server, am I right?

Am i right?

REPLY Posted by RJH on

The language is a little confusing, but you are correct. The server instance provides a web-accessible user interface (the management studio), by default at localhost:8080. Said another way, the server instance can be accessed from the web-based management studio.

REPLY Posted by Manish on

Can I view the attachments I have added using C# code? How can I view those in the Studio?

REPLY Posted by Gnoud on

When I import file dump on Raven Studio it request password? What's pass?