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In the Theory section we will explore the land of NoSQL in general, and focus particularly on Document Databases and the various design decisions behind RavenDB - those things that make it so special.

We will also learn how to correctly design a data model that will enable you to take advantage of RavenDB's power in full.

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REPLY Posted by Nites on

Hi, How RavenDB manage memory. Is it same way as MongoDB? Use OS to manage page fault?

Ayende Rahien
REPLY Posted by Ayende Rahien on

No, RavenDB manages its own memory. We have several dedicated memory pools, for pages on disk, for in memory documents, for actual operations, etc.

Daniel Yang
REPLY Posted by Daniel Yang on

Hello, If I get a license and install RavenDB in the same hosting computer as my web server. Will the performance be good enough if IO is not too much? Thanks.

Ayende Rahien
REPLY Posted by Ayende Rahien on

It should be more than fast enough, yes.

Fitzchak Yitzchaki
REPLY Posted by Fitzchak Yitzchaki on

Absolutely. This website is run this way.