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What's new

3.0.30163-Hotfix - 2017/01/17


  • [Prefetching] Fixed creation of too many future batches
  • [SQL Replication] Fixed calculation of deletes duration
  • [Voron] Fixed possible release of scratch files being currently in use
  • [Versioning] Fixed revisions download of a deleted file
  • Fixed disposal of the documents cache when disposing of Voron storage


  • Fixed conflicts resolving by Query and LoadStartingWith method
  • Fixed sharding operations when custom database parameter was passed


  • Fixed displaying of more that 1024 databases


  • [Backup/Restore] Taking into account custom index storage path
  • [Storage Exporter] Allowing to specify custom path of journals / logs

3.0.30160-Hotfix - 2016/11/08


  • BulkInsert now supports auto-generated ids for '/' id pattern e.g. 'orders/',
  • BulkInsert now works properly with Ids that contain whitespace characters at the end,
  • [Querying] fixed query parsing when using @in operator,
  • [Prefetching] fixed prefetching behavior that could cause inifinite indexing loop,
  • [Voron] journal flushing stability improvements,
  • Added support for storing Database and FileSystem transactional logs in the same directory


  • TransformerParameters will have it's data escaped properly now,
  • Better detection if server is down for various edge cases so FailoverBehavior can work properly


  • added support for 4.0 export files

3.0.30157-Hotfix - 2016/10/11


  • [Configuration] Added Raven/SqlReplication/CommandTimeoutInSec setting,
  • [SQL Replication] Added CommandTimeout property to SqlReplicationConfig that allows to override command timeout per destination,
  • [SQL Replication] Fixed issue with setting LastReplicatedEtag when SQL batch times-out,
  • [Indexing] Removed support for using 'minimum ETag replacement strategy' when doing Side-By-Side on Map-Reduce indexes,
  • [Querying] Lucene will now escape text phrases AND and OR properly when they are not the operators


  • [Side-By-Side] Client will throw when 'minimum ETag replacement strategy' is used on Map-Reduce indexes


  • [Client] Fixed possible NullReferenceException that can occur when file that does not exist is being loaded


  • Better memory utilization when viewing Running Tasks view

3.0.30156-Hotfix - 2016/09/26


  • [Embedded] Prevented from conflicting RavenDB.Database and Metrics.Net assemblies loaded in the same project
  • [RavenFS] Fixed problem with declining reading performance in file systems with large number of files


  • Fixed session.Advanced.LoadStartingWith with a transformer having LoadDocument which returned inconsistent results


  • Fixed an option to overwrite a name of an exported database file

3.0.30155 - 2016/09/16

This is an aggregated build for various fixes since the last stable


  • [Performance] improved performance when loading huge amounts of databases in parallel,
  • [Configuration] added Raven/AllowNonAdminUsersToSetupPeriodicExport,
  • [Replication] fixes index and transformer replication that could cause index and transformer to revert to the previous version in some cases,
  • [Querying] fixed issue when using In operator with DateTime type,
  • [Subscriptions] better handling for synchronization when there are huge gaps during processing,
  • [Memory] better memory handling when performing memory intensive operations like bulk insert, storage and smuggler export to reduce the memory footprint

Client API

  • [Querying] fixed parsing issues that could occur in some cases when WhereIn is used,
  • fixed issue with Load returning null when duplicated ids are passed and transformer is used,
  • fixed loading data with includes when sharding is being used,
  • fixed a very rare case where concurrent modifications to the ReplicationDestinations could occur

Storage Exporter

  • added support for exporting attachments,
  • enhanced the export documents process,
  • better handling for OperationCanceledException