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by Oren Eini

RavenDB 2 day workshop with Oren Eini

Stockholm, Sweden

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In Ayende Rahien's fast-paced and interactive 2-day RavenDB workshop, you will learn how to use this Document Database tool efficiently in your applications to save time and effort on communicating with database storage.

You will learn how to build large scale and performant applications, map objects and collections to database structures successfully.

Join this RavenDB course to build a practical application which will demonstrate the all important data management patterns.

Upon completion of this RavenDB course, you will be able to build database-backed applications faster and more efficiently.


  • Build your application to take advantage of RavenDB when building your application.
  • Document database modeling
  • Configure RavenDB for your applications
  • Manage sessions and transactions
  • Map objects and collections to database structures
  • Build large scale and performant applications
  • Utilize best practices and patterns
  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes
  • Create efficient RavenDB applications



  • Principles of RavenDB
  • Getting started with RavenDB
  • CRUD operations
  • The basics of querying
  • Day to Day Use

Advanced querying

  • Document based modeling
  • Using Includes for better performance
  • Advanced Usage

Caching and cache utilization

  • Creating static indexes
  • Map/Reduce

Level: Master

  • Extending RavenDB
  • Replication, Sharding & Scale
  • Full text search


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