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“As a document database it remains true to the core principles of these type of storage mechinisms. Somehow it managed to combine the best of relational databases with that of document databases.”

Hadi Hariri, JetBrains

RavenDB is the open source NoSQL database for .NET.
Created with all the love in the world, RavenDB is:


Just store your stuff.
With Raven, you're not constrained by rigid database schemas.


Going big? No problem.
Raven supports replication, sharding, and multi-tenancy to work with your big data.


ACID is good.
In RavenDB, all operations performed on documents are fully transactional.

High Performance

Self-tuning, intelligent indexes, optimized for blazing fast reads, never blocked by locks.

Easy to use

Built in .NET, for .NET.
Raven has first-class LINQ support with an idiomatic, clean .NET API served over HTTP.


Yes, Raven can do that.
Use bundles like versioning or encryption, or extend RavenDB yourself using well-defined extensibility points.

Designed with Care

SELECT N+1 begone!
Raven avoids the gotchas of ORMs and first-gen NoSQL databases, helping you fall into the pit of success.

Lean, powerful, productive

Read more about Raven's awesomeness in the full feature list.

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