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Understanding Eventual Consistency

Switching from a traditional database to a NoSQL environment requires an understanding of "eventual consistency". This article provides real-world examples and will help you think about it more clearly.

Working with Date and Time in RavenDB

This article will help you understand how to handle date and time concerns when working in RavenDB.

Expiration Bundle At The Collection Level

This article will describe how to create your own custom bundle that will plug into RavenDB in order to fulfill your needs. The sample makes use of the BackgroundTask (which implements IStartupTask) and also demonstrates how to write your logs to RavenDB.

Backing up all databases using Powershell

This is a powershell 3.0 script for doing a complete backup for RavenDB. With event logging.

Static Index Definitions and the Replication Bundle

Named or Static Index Definitions are not replicated using the replication bundle, the following strategy is one way to overcome the problem.

My 10 tips and tricks with RavenDB

This knowledge base article aims to provide you with a list of tips and tricks that I have collected over my 8 months using RavenDB every day.

RavenDB Useful Tools

The following is a list of useful tools for working with RavenDB and why I think they are useful.

Using RavenDb in day to day development

Learn how to use the RavenDb debug console in Ram and some a few other day to day development tricks :)

Using optimistic concurrency in real-world scenarios

A short overview of how you can handle a situation where multiple clients can change a document at the same time in RavenDB without overwriting any data

Querying Unlike Documents Using a Multi-Map Index

Learn how to take advantage of Multi-Map Indexes to query different kinds of documents as if they were the same.

Multi Language Value in RavenDB

This article describes a way to handle multi language value in RavenDB.

Using RavenDB in an ASP.NET MVC website

A short, instructive tutorial, guiding step-by-step how to correctly use RavenDB from your ASP.NET MVC website

Creating a Tag Cloud

Given a set of tagged content, this short tutorial will demonstrate how to create a tag cloud of them step-by-step.