Learn RavenDB

There is plenty of resources available to help you learn RavenDB. Below we list all the places you can get official content from, and also some links for non-official content which we consider to be helpful.


The Hibernating Rhinos team are doing workshops and training worldwide, a list of which is maintained here.


For starters, there is the official documentation. It contains an Intro section with Quickstart tutorials, all are designed to get you up and running with RavenDB as fast as possible.

There is also the knowledge-base, which contains community content along with official content written by the RavenDB's core developers. It is usually a great place to find great content, or to participate in a discussion on a specific topic. Also, if you have anything to share, feel free to post it there as well.

Videos and webinars

We often record webcasts and other videos, and upload them regularly to our YouTube channel.

Videos that are still not on our YouTube channel but are available for viewing elsewhere are listed below:

We also have free webinars from time to time, which we also record and upload to our YouTube channel. If you wish to participate in live webinars, which also usually include a Q&A session, subscribe to our mailing list, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to this site's news feed. We announce the webinars on all those channels. A list of planned webinars also appears in our Events page.

Other on-line resources

Many bloggers have written posts and tutorials on RavenDB. While some of them may be a bit out-dated, they still may be worth a read. Here's a collection of some:

Fitzchak's RavenDB in practice series

Rob Ashton


Sample applications

RavenDB comes with the following sample applications:

  • Shard Client - Sample of using RavenDB's Sharding and Master/Master replication
  • Failover - Sample of RavenDB's transparent failover
  • Replication - Sample of RavenDB's Master/Slave replication, conflict detection and recovery
  • Event Sourcing - Sample of RavenDB's event sourcing and compiled indexes capabilities.
  • Suggest - Sample of RavenDB's capability of suggesting a result for query that returned no results.

All those samples are included in the distribution files, which you can download here.

In addition, there are several applications that can be used to learn RavenDB:

  • RaccoonBlog is an official sample application of a blog engine that is backed by a RavenDB store. It is powering several live blog installations, such as ayende.com.

Mailing list and JabbR

Feel free to bring anything you need help with to our mailing list or the online chat channel on JabbR. Our active community will be glad to help.