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IDocumentStoreListener and Replication
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SSRS XML queries
by Chris Gierke

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Online Course: Introduction to NoSQL with RavenDB


Go to the course site.

The course Introduction to NoSQL with RavenDB is aimed at the developer who wants to learn more about NoSQL document databases by using RavenDB. This course covers the basic of what a NoSQL document database is and why you should use a NoSQL database instead of a relational database. You will learn how to get started with RavenDB, a NoSQL document database targeted at .NET users. Besides the basics of using RavenDB you will learn how to design your documents according to Domain Driven Design, a skill that is also applicable when using other NoSQL databases or even with relational databases. Course Objectives

Take the course.

After completing this course, you should be proficient in the following:

  • Understand the difference between a document and a relational database.
  • Add the RavenDB Client and Server packages to a C# project.
  • Store a document in RavenDB and reload it.
  • Perform CRUD operations in RavenDB.
  • Be able to search for documents using RavenDB.
  • Understand the basics of Domain Driven Design and how to model your documents.

The course.

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reply Posted by JamesP on

what about performance ?

reply Posted by alan on

Always a real MS fan but used RavenDB and SignalR to power this If anyone wants the source just ask.

reply Posted by Anne on

the previous comment has a link that seems to connect to a porn site---