RavenDB NoSQL Database Helps European Bikers Emerge from Lockdown

When it comes to scaling out data, NoSQL is the new normal. Relational models don’t let you scale-out. You can scale up, buying more hardware, servers, or cloud space, but you cannot scale out to create new database nodes to spread out your load and keep latency at a minimum.

What happens when your CEO appears on CNN and suddenly, fifty thousand people stampede your site? Suppose an ad campaign succeeds better than expected. If Google decides to make a significant change to its algorithm and overnight traffic is ten times greater…

You need to secure resources to handle it all. The right database keeps performance robust in the face of a tidal wave of traffic poised to take your business to new heights.

RavenDB NoSQL database can scale you out in minutes, adding no additional complexity. Take, Runkd, for example.

Runkd is part of a series of eCommerce sites that sells everything from bicycle wheels, breaks, apparel, and information about bikes. They are the primary destination for bicycles and bike components in Italy, serving the rest of Europe. They are a small team of developers operating in a growing market. RavenDB is their “database development team”, performing tasks formerly assigned to programmers. Things like set up, security, and scaling-out typically require pouring over documentation. With RavenDB it’s simple. Querying, indexing, and making patches require less overhead and fewer resources. The team has more time to focus on their eCommerce features.

Rapid Expansion on Two Tracks

Their expansion comes in two phases. The first is the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts agree that by September 2021, coronavirus will no longer be classified as a pandemic. Life will return to normal as restraints on all types of movement are lifted.

Around 50% of Europeans have put on weight due to prolonged lockdowns. The desire for people to emerge from their homes, coupled with a general need to get back into shape, means many bicycles will be sold throughout the 750 million residents spanning the continent in the months ahead.

Runkd is also rolling out a loyalties program. They are implementing a points system where customers earn points with their purchases, and those points serve as a digital currency to make larger purchases for less cash. Users can earn euros or dollars with loyalty points.

They are also planning to expand their operations into hiking, general outdoors, and other sports.

Helping Customers on Every Level

For a small team, the value of anything that can extend the productivity of the workforce is massive. It enables a project to punch well beyond its weight. A tool that can do a lot of diverse things adds a lot of extra hands in the mix.

To gain a deeper knowledge of what their visitors are interested in, machine learning is one of the options they are looking into. RavenDB works with ML algorithms and lets you query the data gleaned at robust speeds to produce analysis in greater detail.

RavenDB is also used for its’ native full-text search feature, automatic indexing, and you might like feature, allowing visitors to see products and pages best suited to their tastes based on their viewing history.

As the world emerges from its’ slumber, enabling businesses like Runkd to dust off their expansion plans, RavenDB is happy to make this transition easy, efficient, and pain-free.

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