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New in RavenDB 6.0

Corax Indexing Engine

Simple Sharding

Kafka and RabbitMQ Integration

All new features
  • Getting Started

    All you need to know about RavenDB

    Getting Started

    All you need to know about RavenDB
    New to RavenDB? See what it offers and get started with our extensive library of learning materials
  • Multi-document ACID Transactions

    RavenDB is fully transactional

    Multi-document ACID Transactions

    RavenDB is fully transactional
    RavenDB is one of the first non-relational databases to offer ACID not just for a single document, but for multiple documents throughout the entire database.
  • Management Studio

    Our GUI makes the user experience enjoyable

    Management Studio

    Our GUI makes the user experience enjoyable
    The GUI allows enjoyable user experience for developers and non-developers alike. It improves the workflow and simplifies maintenance.
  • Powerful Querying

    Full-text search out of the box

    Powerful Querying

    Full-text search out of the box
    RavenDB gives you tools to map your documents with indexes, analyze text and spatial data, project your data into new shapes, and more.
  • RavenDB Workshops

    Live, interactive lessons with a RavenDB Expert

    RavenDB Workshops

    Live, interactive lessons with a RavenDB Expert

    Live, interactive lessons with a RavenDB Expert
    There's no better way to learn RavenDB than through a crash course with one of our top experts.
    • Best Practices and Performance
      October 19, 2023
    • RavenDB at Scale
      November 2, 2023
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  • Toyota
  • Verizon
  • Medicaid
  • Capgemini
  • Rakuten Kobo
  • JetBrains
  • Particular
  • View.DO
  • Starnet
  • Amberwood Trading
  • Sparkling Logic
  • Incomm Incentives
  • Simple Store
  • Serverflex

What they say about us

As a document database it remains true to the core principles of these type of storage mechanisms. Somehow it managed to combine the best of relational databases with that of document databases.

Hadi Hariri VP of Developer Advocacy

RavenDB is so smooth, I don’t notice it.

Jeremy Holt, CEO in the Amberwood Trading

Considering how huge the amount of data sent back and forth in a single quote document is, the fact that RavenDB can store the entire document and continue to perform well is really impressive.

Peter Tiedeman, Senior Principal Software Developer in the Configit

Easy implementation, nice UI, cloud options

Developer in the Miscellaneous Industry

Easy implementation even for people with little experience with NoSQL

Developer in the Miscellaneous Industry

RavenDB is a convenient, no hassle, noSql implementation that is blazing fast.

Senior Consultant II in the Services Industry

Very quick phase for get up and running in prod (setup, learning, working).

Business Innovation Director in the Business Innovation Director

A Multi Model Database Ripe for Building Microservices.

Software Quality Tester in the Finance Industry

Customer focused with very minimum response time support.

Procurement Specialist in the Services Industry

A performant data storage solution that scales as we need it

Director of Software Engineering in the Services Industry

Best in class NO SQL database for embedded IOT

Line Manager Software & Embedded Systems in the Manufacturing Industry

Install On-Premise

Database as a Service

Supported clients

  • C#
  • Java
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • C++
  • Go
  • PHP

Fully Transactional NoSQL Database

Get the benefits of NoSQL while keeping the most essential parts of a relational database.

RavenDB is perfect for OLTP tasks like processing sales, purchases and more.


Multi-Model Architecture

RavenDB supports automatic ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) processes to replicate data to SQL solutions.

As an ACID database, you can use RavenDB in conjunction with your existing SQL databases and enjoy the best of both worlds.


All-in-One Database

Our in-house storage engine is designed to serve all your needs in one place.

You have at your fingertips features you would usually have to plug in from someplace else, saving you time and money. We automate a lot of tasks to reduce your overhead so there is less need for costly support.


Easy to Use

RavenDB is easy to install, implement, and use.

There is a small ramp up to learn. Our high-quality GUI with heavy built-in monitoring and SQL-based query language makes RavenDB user friendly for developers and non-developers alike.


Scale Up Fast

Setting up a cluster is as simple as point and click in the RavenDB Management Studio.

Keep up with the ever-increasing amounts of data and web traffic effectively and efficiently by creating new database nodes within minutes.


High Availability

Real time replication between nodes keeps your database online and available across multiple points at all times.

Your cluster keeps working amidst network partition. Balance load, reduce latency, and optimize performance within multiple locations to serve your users.


Faster than ever

Manage over 1 million reads per second and 150,000 writes on simple commodity hardware.


Try our Studio

FREE with every license

Stunning & intuitive UI

Live monitoring

Effortless configuration

Comprehensive performance statistics

Deep insight into database internal

Extensive logging & incident reporting

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3 Cores, and a distributed data cluster of 3 nodes
Connectivity secured with TLS 1.2 and X.509 certificates
6 GB memory
A GUI Management Studio
Easy compatibility with cloud solutions like AWS, Azure, and more
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