ACID Database for Big Data: RavenDB Releases New Version for IoT and Cloud

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RavenDB 5.0 expands multi-model collection to include Time Series data modelling while tackling the classic dilemma of storage in a document ACID database.

  • RavenDB Time Series expands its array of data models which include Document, Key-Value, Distributed Counters, and Graph Queries.
  • RavenDB becomes the first data management solution to solve the problem of redundant data in a document database by using adaptive learning to understand your data patterns to return superior compression data types.

Hadera, Israel, July 23, 2020 – In a bid to do away with integrating multiple disparate solutions and to provide you a single holistic solution for all your database needs, RavenDB has introduced Time Series Data in its latest release.

RavenDB can pack up to 3500 data points into a 2kb segment, reducing a 150 MB time pattern of 10 million entries to under 10MB. Users can query across billions of data points in milliseconds.

Users can add retention and rollup policies to down sample their data and reduce the size requirement even further. Even on datasets that span multiple years and contain hundreds of millions of datapoints, RavenDB Time Series is able to perform aggregations with ease and speed.

Time Series data can be indexed, and take part in MapReduce, ETL, data subscriptions, and all the rest of the features in RavenDB which include a first-class GUI and ACID data integrity across multiple documents. You can have a transaction that updates a document and append new entries to a time series and it is all just going to work atomically.

Says Oren Eini, CEO of RavenDB, “Time series continues RavenDB’s tradition of building features that automatically do the right thing for you without needing constant monitoring and oversight. You can record changes in data over time without worrying about their size or management. To save on cloud storage, and storage in general, data is compressed to a miniscule amount producing data density that is simply amazing.”

Data Compression cuts Cloud Storage Costs

RavenDB Data Compression gives a new spin on storage optimization. RavenDB is able to look at your data and train itself to produce compression ratios similar to batch compression while compressing each document individually. Even with compression and decompression overhead, savings on disk I/O and access time is substantial. This results in a significant bump in the processing speed for many workloads.

Automatic data compression creates the right compression dictionary to minimize storage space and cost. Reducing classic redundancies synonymous with document databases has enabled businesses to reduce their cloud storage costs by over 50%.

RavenDB 5.0 is currently available as an on-premise and DBaaS Cloud solution. Developers can take a free community license at All new users of RavenDB Cloud will be automatically given the 5.0 version and current users will be updated automatically upon approval. Free tiers are available at

For more information on RavenDB 5.0 features, see the RavenDB new release page.

About RavenDB

Used by Startups, Small Businesses, and Fortune 500 Large Enterprises worldwide, RavenDB is the leading NoSQL Document Database for distributed database systems. RavenDB Cloud is a database as a service that offers ACID data integrity over multiple documents and throughout your cluster.

  • Fortune 500 clients include a major financial institution, auto manufacturer, media conglomerate, and a quick service restaurant chain that has 1.5 million instances of RavenDB running throughout its 37,000 locations.
  • RavenDB is mentioned in both Forrester and Gartner research.
  • RavenDB was the first NoSQL Database to become Fully Transactional.
  • RavenDB is easy to use. Watch our CEO set up and secure a distributed database cluster in 10 minutes using our setup wizard.

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