Database for SMS Marketing

by Oren Eini

NoSQL Database Helps Mitto Send SMS Messages Worldwide

The TV Classics Channel just announced an all-night James Bond binge-fest, and there is no Double-O seven without a double cheese thick crust.

You make the order, and to your surprise, it’s declined.

No worries. You can use another account. Maybe a digital wallet. There’s enough in there to buy even more pizza for the Bourne Identity marathon the next day.

But you can get in. You forgot your password.

That’s a problem. Twenty hours of classic binge-watching are on the line. It’s all up to you whether or not you can access your account. You hit the “forgot password.”

They send you an SMS with a code.

You sign in with your SMS code, then you reset your account.

The pizza guy comes in 30 minutes. The experience leaves you shaken, not stirred.

SMS Master Since 2013

Mitto was founded in 2013 to make sure the messages sent to you arrive safely in your mobile inbox.

They started serving wholesale aggregators, messaging from application to person. They can set up a client system in three weeks where their competitors need six months.

In 2018, they moved to the enterprise market. With that came colossal traffic and significant challenges. Everything scaled up very fast.

Text aggregators all have similar challenges with the same general workflow: People who need thousands of SMS’s sent on the spot.

Enterprise clients, however, are all different. They have various needs and different layers to the solutions they are looking for. For example, one client requires a 1 second processing time for transactions and 99.999% availability.

Mitto is relying on RavenDB to deliver.

As volume continues to explode, their SQL tables are also expanding. Unable to keep up, the tables are unworkably slow. Mitto needs something faster.

RavenDB is tasked with taking in the data and sending it to their analytics via RavenDB’s OLAP ETL tool, which transfers the information onto a data lake in the cloud.

NoSQL Database Instead of SQL

When I hear about problems, I never hear about RavenDB. It was never an impediment for our product goals.

Ramon Kania, CTO Mitto

RavenDB lets Mitto take the SQL data they manage and put it in document form. RavenDB also allows them to do away with locks, increasing performance for concurrent writes. ACID for over a decade, their new NoSQL database offers the same data integrity as relational options but with lightning-fast performance.

RavenDB also reduces their complexity both in the cloud and on-premises offering an all-in-one solution where everything they need is in one place. Mitto even ran RavenDB on a Raspberry Pi to see what use cases they could put together for their product infrastructure.

Their SMS traffic is 20 million messages per day and rising.

They anticipate RavenDB responsible for 1 million daily records, eventually scaling out to 10 million as their apps gain more excellent traction.

Paving the Future One SMS at a Time

RavenDB was the right choice. In fact, it was the only choice.

Ramon Kania, CTO Mitto

Mitto plans to replace its legacy stack with RavenDB to reduce the complexity of its code. They are leveraging the NoSQL solution for a shorter development cycle. This saves them money on the cloud while seeing greater productivity from their developers, setting up a win-win situation for everyone.

RavenDB is already replacing MySQL and Elasticsearch throughout their infrastructure. Mitto is integrating Grafana in their systems, and the RavenDB OLAP ETL is designed for that specific use.

As Mitto expands to include data sharding in their next version, RavenDB is ready, offering Data Sharding in RavenDB 6.0, due out December 2021.

See for yourself! Enjoy a live one-on-one demo of RavenDB with a developer who will be happy to answer all your questions.

Start upgrading your data systems today.

Woah, already finished? 🤯

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