RavenDB 5.2 Enhances Data Analytics and Visualization

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Users can push their RavenDB data into a data lake for enabling OLAP business intelligence. Grafana integration allows for visualizing data and its impact on system hardware.

June 21, 2021, Hadera, Israel:

Expanding from its traditional store and show data ops, RavenDB has released several new features allowing users to do more with the data RavenDB collects. Users can now push their data from RavenDB into AWS Athena and Azure Data Lake to combine with data from all the systems in an organization for business analysis.

A new plugin for Telegraf enables users to pass on database and hardware internals to Grafana, which visualizes this information. As open-source solutions, there is no cost to set this up. Along with Grafana integration, users can see the internals of all the nodes across their entire database cluster in the Management Studio.

RavenDB also now offers enhanced spatial indexing for faster processing. Spatial data is now indexed 30% faster, delivering query results 20% more quickly. The new visualized map view returns queries like how many restaurants from my current location to my destination with a map of the set of locations dotted throughout.

“Data visuals and analytics take information to the next plane of value. Our standards are to give our users everything they need to manage their data in one place. We are proud to exceed these expectations in our latest RavenDB 5.2 version, giving them the chance to do even more with their own assets.” Stated Oren Eini, RavenDB CEO

Other new features include:

  • Rolling Index Deployment. To keep the load balanced while a new index is being created, indexes will calculate over individual nodes and at set times to keep the regular flow of data traffic moving.
  • Read-only Certificates. Anyone who only needs to see the data can be automatically limited to data reads, not creating new data or updating current data.
  • Data Subscriptions. Visuals are now available on the status of each data subscription.

Anyone interested in seeing these features first hand can schedule a free live demo with a RavenDB engineer.

Additional Resources:

Try RavenDB 5.2 for free on AWS.

About RavenDB

RavenDB is an open-source NoSQL Document Database available on-premise or on the cloud as a part of a Database as a Service (DBaaS). First developed in 2009, RavenDB became the first document database to offer fully transactional (ACID) data integrity. For the past 12 years, RavenDB has been improving its performance while maintaining these guarantees.

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