Hibernating Rhinos LTD was born in January of 2009 as the corporate alter ego of its founder, Oren Eini (AKA Ayende Rahien). The Hibernating Rhinos team is a leading global authority in open source NoSQL and document database architecture and design in general, and the C# and .NET global open source programming communities in particular.

The Company’s origins were rooted in its eponymously named initial open source offerings, NHibernate and Rhino Mocks, invaluable tools used to build complex and business critical systems and ensure high quality. Confronting striking volumes of similar challenges we released the NHibernate Profiler in 2009, automating database performance analysis at an unprecedented level of design sophistication, giving our users significant and actionable guidance on the design and performance of their systems; , which enabled client self-diagnosis and correction of query design issues quickly, easily and without need of outside resource or consultation.

What distinguishes our offerings is the quality, reliability, ease of use, and high sensitivity to client experience, shared via online product communities, and informed by the feedback and contributions they provide.

It is this integrity-centered, values driven design ethic that infuses every Hibernating Rhinos product. Our software fulfills its design purpose and promise as comprehensively, effectively, efficiently, and securely as is possible to achieve in absolute software engineering terms; and, achieves an ease of customization, implementation, integration, and operability for our end-users that is both unprecedented and unparalleled in fulfillment of those commitments.

It was from  our recognition of the continuing client pain that necessitated the need for use of the NHibernate Profiler that propelled us to ask the question,

Can’t we fix this at source and build a better database:

  • Start with the best of pre-existing ingredients, but through a fresh lens- a case of first impression.
  • Eliminate all design deficiencies as they are identified.
  • Augment with built-in self-awareness and artificial intelligence now achievable.
  • Design it to work in service to the end-user-as easy, facilitated and turn-key as possible to configure and use.

This vision of design excellence was fully realized in November 2010, with the introduction of RavenDB, Hibernating Rhinos’ NoSQL Document Database.  This market leading open source OLTP database offering  provides high availability, high performance, zero administration and self-optimization, resulting in an open source database system trusted and employed by a global client base of Fortune 500 Companies and supported by a global network of RavenDB Certified Affiliates.

And as with all Hibernating Rhinos products. . . .

“It just works!”


Hibernating Rhinos will continuously:

  • Remain devoted to Zero friction software development.
  • Partner with the open source community to achieve developing excellent database software solutions that are easy to use, high quality and make users' lives better and simpler.
  • Assess global market technologies to keep ahead in solution developments.
  • Provide high quality "know how" services for product transitioning.


RavenDB would like to give special thanks to its RavenDB Partners around the world for their RavenDB Training and Consulting Service offerings.

Reinforcing and holding true to the Company's' vision of providing the ideal database through design & functionality that Just Get Things Done!


RavenDB Latin American Team

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