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Embark on a coding adventure at the RavenDB Hackathon, the premier challenge-driven event co-located with DeveloperWeek 2024! As proud sponsors, we are thrilled to bring together over 600+ developers worldwide for an exciting fusion of in-person and virtual hacking experiences.

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Social Exchange Challenge: Sparking Joy Through Item Exchanges

Create a platform centered on facilitating exchanges where users can list specific item requests or offers for sharing or gifting.

The challenge involves building:
  • Efficient algorithms for matching diverse items, such as a green size S coat or left-hand scissors. The system should support many item types, with different features and capabilities for each.
  • Location-based services to connect users to nearby items ready to be exchanged.
  • A “window shopping” feature that enables users to explore local item offerings.
  • A feedback system that allows users to rate and review items, lenders, and borrowers, emphasizing the significance of user reputation.
Technical Requirements:
  • Utilize RavenDB as the database backend, leveraging the RavenDB client API with any supported programming language.
  • Develop a web application optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Embark on this challenge to craft a user-centric exchange platform, showcasing technical prowess and innovation.

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