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Index update triggers

An index update trigger is used to do some operations whenever the index is updated. This can be used to notify a 3rd party or keep a static version of the index at a particular point in time.

Index update triggers inherit from AbstractIndexUpdateTrigger:

Figure 1: Triggers Index

Example: creating static snapshot from the indexed document

public class SnapshotShoppingCart : AbstractIndexUpdateTrigger
    public override void OnIndexEntryCreated(string indexName, string entryKey, Lucene.Net.Documents.Document document)
        if (indexName != "Aggregates/ShoppingCart")
        var shoppingCart = JObject.Parse(document.GetField("Aggregate").StringValue());
        var shoppingCartId = document.GetField("Id").StringValue();

        var result = Database.Put("shoppingcarts/" + shoppingCartId + "/snapshots/", null, shoppingCart, new JObject(), null);
        document.Add(new Field("Snapshot", result.Key, Field.Store.YES, Field.Index.NOT_ANALYZED));

This index works on the following index in order to create a static snapshot of the indexed document whenever it is indexed. Note that we use identity insert here (the key we use ends with '/') so we will have documents like this:

  • shoppingcarts/12/snapshots/1
  • shoppingcarts/12/snapshots/2
  • shoppingcarts/12/snapshots/3

This is nice if we want to keep a record of all the changes to the index. Note that we also change the document to store the snapshot key for this particular version.