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What's new

2.5.25029 - 2018/02/22


  • Fix concurrency exceptions to the Raven/Sources/... document on machines with slow I/O (cannot process incoming replication with the default replication timeout: 60 seconds).

2.5.25028 - 2018/01/16


  • add the last modified field to tombstones

2.5.25027 - 2017/12/04


  • fix possible issue with purging tombstones

2.5.25023 - 2017/05/12


  • Fix skipping documents in replication and SQL replication when there are indexes which use LoadDocument

2.5.25020 - 2016/12/22

This is an aggregated build for various fixes since the last stable


  • [Prefetching] stability improvements,
  • [Replication] stability improvements and fixes,
  • [Indexing] compiled indexes will not longer be removed from compiled index cache,
  • [Configuration] added Raven/MinThreadPoolWorkerThreads,
  • [Configuration] added Raven/MinThreadPoolCompletionThreads,
  • [Configuration] added Raven/SqlReplication/CommandTimeoutInSec,
  • fixed performance when loading huge amount of databases at once


  • [Indexes] enhanced deployment for indexes with empty arrays or byte enums,
  • fixed a race condition when both the Changes API and the Load API are trying to resolve a conflict,
  • fixed conflict resolution forQuery API and StartsWith API is used