Opening a session

Once a document store has been created, the next step is to create a session against that document store that will allow us to perform basic CRUD operations within a Unit of Work. It is important to note that when invoking any operations against this store no changes will be made to the underlying document database until the SaveChanges method has been called:

// Saving changes using the session API
using (IDocumentSession session = store.OpenSession())
	// Operations against session

	// Flush those changes

In this context, the session can be thought of as managing all changes internally, and SaveChanges can be thought of as committing all those changes to the RavenDB server. Any operations submitted in a SaveChanges call will be committed atomically (that is to say, either they all succeed, or they all fail).

It will be assumed in the following examples that a valid store has been created, and that the calls are being made within the context of a valid session, and that SaveChanges is being called safely at the end of that session lifetime.


If you don't call SaveChanges, all the changes made in that session will be discarded!

Whenever database access is needed, we are going to open a new session, and dispose of it right after we are done using it (and called SaveChanges).