Enabling SSL

+{INFO SSL can only be enabled when RavenDB is running as a Windows Service. +The certificate has to be installed in the local certificate repository [Certificates - Local Computer\Personal\Certificates] and include the private key (.pfx file), otherwise the following will not work. /}

By default, secure connectivity is disabled.

To enable the SSL in RavenDB, you need to do the following:

  1. change Raven/UseSsl configuration to true.
  2. tell RavenDB to use the specified X509 certificate.

To tell RavenDB to use the specified X509 certificate execute the following command on the command line:
Raven.Server.exe /installSSL=PathToCertificate==CertificatePassword
Raven.Server.exe /installSSL=C:\Temp\MyCertificate.pfx==MyPassword

To uninstall the certificate execute:
Raven.Server.exe /uninstallSSL=PathToCertificate==CertificatePassword


The Studio might not work in some browsers (e.g. Firefox and Chrome) if the domain that certificate was issued for does not match the domain you are using it for.