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Commands: GetSearchFieldsAsync

GetSearchFieldsAsync is used to retrieve the list of all available field names to build a query.


Task<string[]> GetSearchFieldsAsync(int start = 0, int pageSize = 1024);
start int The number of results that should be skipped
pageSize int The maximum number of results that will be returned

Return Value
Task<string[]> A task that represents the asynchronous operation. The task result is the array of indexed field names.


GetSearchFieldsAsync method returns all the indexed fields, so all the keys of built-in metadata (e.g. Etag), metadata provided by a user (e.g. Owner) and the default indexing fields (e.g __key or __fileName) will be included.

await store.AsyncFilesCommands.UploadAsync("intro.txt", stream, new RavenJObject() { { "Owner", "James" } });

var terms = await store.AsyncFilesCommands.GetSearchFieldsAsync();