What's new

3.5.3 (35191) - 2017/03/08

This is an aggregated build containing fixes released in patch versions since the previous stable build - 3.5.2 (35183)

3.5.3-patch-35190 - 2017/03/06

Who should upgrade

  • Users who run into DTC cache issues with includes
  • Users who have databases / file systems running on Voron
  • Users of replication failover
  • Users of clustering and replication, especially those running 3.5.2


  • [Voron] Fixed free space tree handling that returned already allocated pages as free what could result in overwriting actively used pages
  • [Voron] Splitting the scratch buffer into multiple files. Limit the size of each one to 256MB
  • [Voron] Fixed writing to journals when running Voron in-memory
  • [Indexing] Reduced amount of NotifyAboutWork being fired during indexing
  • [Indexing] Improved deletes handling by map reduce indexes when running on Voron
  • [Indexing] Fixed possible infinite loop that could occur in indexing when replication of delete occured
  • [Indexing] Fixed map reduce indexing which could got stuck in when the batch size is 256 and the values for a reduce key is more than 1024
  • [Replication] Fixed an issue where replication will be triggered unnecessarily when a lot of indexing is going on
  • [Replication] Fixed automatic conflict resolution using custom resolvers and built-in strageties defined in `Global Configuration`
  • [Query] Fixed querying using unicode chracters
  • [Query] Fixed dynamic querying on non existing fields
  • [Query] Fixed parsing of queries having NOT operator
  • [SQL Replication] Removed recent touches optimization to ensure we don't skip documents in SQL replication
  • [Monitoring] Reduce memory usage and memory leak when using both SNMP and high database retirement rate
  • [Clustering] Fixed wrong topology problem in nodes that are leaving a cluster
  • [Replication] Fixed performance degradation when having unavailable/errorous node
  • [Administrator JS Console] Loading all RavenDB assemblies
  • Fixed disposals of ThreadLocal instances
  • Fixed upgrading from 2.5 to 3.5 directly
  • Fixed modification of active bundles in a database document in a cluster (allowing to separate by , character as well)

File system

  • Fixed copy concurrency problem during transaction commit


  • [Query] Added ToFacetsLazyAsync for dynamic queries
  • Query Fixed @in operator for queries on DateTime fields
  • [Query] Fixed generation of queries having Where(x => !(condition))
  • [HiLo] Fixed HiLo generator which could get stuck with the aggressive cache enabled
  • [DTC] Fixed an issue that none authoritative results are returned and cached on includes
  • [Failover] Fixed replication informer usage for system database
  • [Failover]Added TimeToWaitBetweenReplicationTopologyUpdates convention
  • Support for using log4net when using .NET Core client
  • Fixed index definition creation from VB.NET code when using MetadataFor


  • Support for importing export files in 4.0 format


  • Fixed broken autocomplete support
  • Fixed deletion of documents using context menu

3.5.3-patch-35187 - 2017/01/23


  • fixed WaitForIndexes/WaitForIndexesAsync index selection logic,
  • [Voron] fixed possible NRE in JournalFile finalizer,
  • [Installer] fixed issue with installer setting incorrect "enable 32-bit applications" value


  • [Storage Exporter] added -JournalsPath parameter that allows to specify a different path for journals

3.5.3-patch-35186 - 2017/01/13


  • [Embedded] Embedding Microsoft.Owin.Host.HttpListener into Raven.Database

3.5.3-patch-35185 - 2017/01/13


  • [Memory] support for custom memory cache,
  • [Configuration] added Raven/MemoryCacher option,
  • [Querying] adjustments to boolean query parsing,
  • [Querying] adjustments to queries with NOT operator,
  • [Querying] Fixed an issue where an Analayzer purging the Term completely will generate * query,
  • fixed possible ArgumentOutOfRangeException when WaitForIndexesAsync is used,
  • fixed performance issue when handling command batches


  • fixed issue with opening collection name from breadcrumbs into a new tab,
  • fixed issue with query page not showing results when table is not visible


  • [NuGet] Raven.Tests.Helpers will now contain Rachis.dll,
  • Rachis and tools will not have a proper DLL version