What's new

3.5.8-patch-35277 - 2018/11/07


  • [RavenFS] Changed URL of endpoint allowing to touch bunch of files to avoid possible caching issue

3.5.8-patch-35276 - 2018/11/02


  • [RavenFS] Added endpoint allowing to touch bunch of files
  • [RavenFS] Fixed possible issue with enqueue files to synchronization

3.5.8-patch-35275 - 2018/10/22


  • fixed issue with 'LoadStartingWith' returning only first page of results when 'matches' parameter is passed


  • fixed 'Between' operation timeout issues that could occur under rare condition

3.5.7 (35274) - 2018/09/06

This is an aggregated build containing fixes released in patch versions since the previous stable build - 3.5.6 (35262) in addition with:


  • [Replication] Fixed an issue that deletes of documents with long identifiers could not get replicated if they have similar prefix and database uses Esent storage
  • [Streaming] Fixed concurrency issue when using streaming API and Esent storage ("Esent transaction been accessed from multiple threads" error)
  • [RavenFS] Fixed synchronization issue that it could skip bunch of files when replicating to a new file system and there are updates to files meanwhile

3.5.7-patch-35267 - 2018/07/30


  • [RavenFS] Improvements to synchronization (especially renames of files)
  • Fixing an issue where versioning bundle with replication and versioning will run into an issue when deleting expired documents
  • Fixed a memory leak in Versioning bundle
  • Fixed NRE in Versioning bundle