What's new

3.5.7-patch-35267 - 2018/07/30


  • [RavenFS] Improvements to synchronization (especially renames of files)
  • Fixing an issue where versioning bundle with replication and versioning will run into an issue when deleting expired documents
  • Fixed a memory leak in Versioning bundle
  • Fixed NRE in Versioning bundle

3.5.7-patch-35266 - 2018/05/31


Fixing an issue where the server will not be able to mark an index as corrupted because it already started indexing by the time this was discovered.

3.5.7-patch-35265 - 2018/05/25


  • [RavenFS] Ensuring Remote Differential Compression won't be initialized by a file system if Raven/FileSystem/DisableRDC = true setting defined
  • [Indexing] Added support for indexing null values in arrays when a field is not analyzed
  • [Indexing] Fixed "AlreadyClosedException: this Directory is closed" error on index recovery of database startup

3.5.7-patch-35263 - 2018/05/17


  • [Indexing] Improved deletion handling in the prefetcher when dealing with high deletion rate
  • [RavenFS] Added an option to reset synchronization of files to all destinations
  • [RavenFS] Added Raven/FileSystem/SynchronizationBatchProcessing (true|false, default: false)
  • [RavenFS] Synchronization stability improvements


  • [RavenFS] Using 15 minutes timeout for streaming headers of files

3.5.6 (35262) - 2018/04/27

This is an aggregated build containing fixes released in patch versions since the previous stable build - 3.5.5 (35247) in addition with:


  • [Attachments] fixed issue with concurrent writes on the same attachment