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What's new

4.0.11 (40059) - 2019/02/28


  • [Indexing] Fixed possible deadlock during replacement
  • [Indexing] Fixed deletion of artificial documents by map-reduce indexes
  • [Encryption] Fixed possible journal data corruption on x86

4.0.10 (40058) - 2019/02/13


  • [Compaction] Fixing compaction on 32 bits
  • [.NET Core] Updated to .NET Core 2.1.8

4.0.10-patch-40057 - 2019/02/01


  • [Indexing] Fixed possible races in indexing replacement mechanism
  • [Voron] Fixed the recovery process on database startup that could cause data corruption and checksum mismatch errors
  • [Voron] Schema updated to version 23
  • [.NET Core] Updated to .NET Core 2.1.7


  • [Voron Recovery] Fixed scenario that applying journals on recovery enlarges data file
  • [Voron Recovery] Added IgnoreInvalidJournalErrors option


  • [Querying] Fixed inifinite loop for queries using distinct
  • [Cluster] Fixed "Voting in progress" message visibility

4.0.10-patch-40056 - 2019/01/07


  • [Configuration] Changed default value of TransactionMerger.MaxTimeToWaitForPreviousTxInMs from 1000 to 0
  • [Compaction] Fixing database compaction if Storage.TempPath config was set
  • [Cluster] Making sure disk full error will result in proper client failover
  • [Cluster] Stability improvements, fixed error handling
  • [Indexing] Fixing possible access violation exception in map-reduce index when getting exception in unexpected phase
  • [Storage Report] Fixed allocated sizes showing NaN
  • [Storage Report] Fixed possible NRE when generating storage report
  • [Traffic Watch] Fixed possible high CPU when using Traffic Watch
  • [Voron] Fixed invalid page release after revisions bin deletion and documents deletions
  • [Voron] Fixed exception handling during creation of a new db to prevent getting errors when starting the db again
  • [Voron] Added checksum validation of all modified pages after we completed the recovery to ensure we'll throw early if we have corrupted state
  • [Voron] Fixed updating of in-memory state of journal page table after failure during a transaction commit
  • Fixed creation of a document tombstone that could result in ConcurrencyException when using optimistic concurrency in a cluster
  • Fixed possible out of memory when there is very high rate of requests
  • Fixed NRE when there is a conflict on a document in the @empty collection


  • [Querying] Support for projections with nullable types
  • [Querying] Support for OrderBy and OrderByDescending when using projections
  • [Subscriptions] Fixed disposal of the request executor in SubscriptionWorker
  • Fixed deserialization errors on getting progress or result of operations


  • Fixed detection of the newest Chrome

4.0.9 (40055) - 2018/11/19


  • [Cluster] Fixed unexpected ConcurrencyException when using optimistic concurrency with deletions
  • [Debug] Added more details to Debug Package
  • [Indexing] Fixed indexing of large terms when using collation analyzer
  • [Indexing] Fixed index replacement handling
  • [Indexing] Better handling of EarlyOutOfMemoryException in indexing process
  • [Logging] Disabled logging warning when reducing the size of compression buffers file when db is idle
  • [Querying] Fixed not contains queries on empty collections
  • [Querying] Fixed in and between queries to take into account if index does not have 'exact' set on field
  • [Querying] Fixed loading of empty stored fields in projections
  • [Voron] Fixed cleanup of recycled scratch buffers only when there is no open read transaction that is still using it
  • [.NET Core] updated to .NET Core 2.1.6


  • [Cache] Fixed aggressive caching for POST requests