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Client Configuration

Figure 1. Client Configuration

Client Configuration

Client Configuration

On this screen we can set load-balancing behavior and restrict the number of requests per session in the client API. This is done per database group.

Read Balance Behavior

The choice made in the combobox affects two behaviors:

  • How the client API will decide which node to failover in case of issues
  • How the client API will execute load balancing

The choices:

  • None - the client API will failover nodes in their TAG order, (Node A, then Node B, then Node C and so on). No load balancing will occur.
  • Round Robin - for each request the client API will address the next node in their TAG order. In case of failover, the client will try the next node as well.
  • Fastest Node - each client API request will go to the fastest node (determined by a speed test). Any topology change would trigger the speed test again. Failover in this case would select the node with the next TAG.

Failure to contact all nodes

If the client has tried to contact all nodes and failed, an AllTopologyNodesDownException will be thrown