Backup Encryption


RavenDB's Security Approach

Encrypting backup files is just one respect of RavenDB's comprehensive security approach.
Other respects are implemented in -

Enable Secure Communication

RavenDB emphasizes the importance of overall security, by allowing encryption of the database only when server-client communication is authenticated and certified.

  • Enabling authentication and certification
    Enable secure client-server communication during the server setup, either manually or using the setup-wizard.

  • Client authentication procedure
    When authentication is enabled, clients are required to certify themselves in order to connect the server.
    Here's a code sample for this procedure:

    // path to the certificate you received during the server setup
    var cert = new X509Certificate2(@"C:\Users\RavenDB\authentication_key\admin.client.certificate.RavenDBdom.pfx");
    using (var docStore = new DocumentStore
        Urls = new[] { "" },
        Database = "encryptedDatabase",
        Certificate = cert
        // Backup & Restore here

Logical-Backup Encryption

Logical-backup encryption is not supported by RavenDB 4.0 and 4.1.

Snapshot Encryption

Creating an Encrypted Snapshot

A snapshot is an exact copy of the database files. If the database is encrypted, so would be its snapshot. If the database is not encrypted, the snapshot wouldn't be either.

The incremental backups of an encrypted snapshot are not encrypted.

Restoring an Encrypted Snapshot

Restoring an encrypted snapshot is almost identical to restoring an unencrypted one.

  • Include the client authentication procedure in your code.
  • Pass RestoreBackupOperation an encryption key, using restoreConfiguration.EncryptionKey.
    Use the same secret key used to encrypt the database.
  • Code sample:
    // restore encrypted database
    // restore configuration
    var restoreConfiguration = new RestoreBackupConfiguration();
    //New database name
    restoreConfiguration.DatabaseName = "newEncryptedDatabase";
    //Backup-file location
    var backupPath = @"C:\Users\RavenDB\2019-01-06-11-11.ravendb-encryptedDatabase-A-snapshot";
    restoreConfiguration.BackupLocation = backupPath;
    restoreConfiguration.EncryptionKey = "1F0K2R/KkcwbkK7n4kYlv5eqisy/pMnSuJvZ2sJ/EKo=";
    var restoreBackupTask = new RestoreBackupOperation(restoreConfiguration);