What's new

4.1.10 (41024) - 2019/11/25


  • [Indexing / Voron] Fixed unhandled case of leafs compression which resulted in map-reduce indexing error
  • [Replication] Fixed replication looping when having faulty replication configuration with two replication channels from the same source to the same destination

4.1.9 (41023) - 2019/10/14

Marking last Patch build (4.1.9-patch-41022) as Stable

4.1.9-patch-41022 - 2019/09/27


  • [Blittable] Fixed handling of escape characters
  • [Blittable] Fixed disposal of arrays nested in JSON
  • Updated .NET Core to version 2.1.13

4.1.8 (41021) - 2019/08/26


  • [Cluster] stability improvements
  • [Cluster] promoting and demoting node should be a ClusterAdmin, not Operator operation
  • [Indexing] fixed the possibility to encounter stale indexes when node was added to a cluster database group
  • [Indexing] output of map-reduce indexing functions should not use the same property accessor cache, because it might not contain necessary group by fields needed
  • [RQL] detecting properly artificial projection e.g. 'from Orders as o select o'
  • [Voron] fixed "attempted to delete value but it wasn't in index" bug
  • [Voron] fixed "tried to released page X but couldn't find it in the allocation section" bug that could occur on 32-bit systems

Client API

  • [Indexes] added 'System.Text.RegularExpressions' to a list of well-known server-side assemblies, so parameters from methods like 'Regex.IsMatch' will not be converted to strings
  • [Patching] proper handling when session.Advanced.Patch is used on a collection, will not duplicate records in collection after SaveChanges
  • [Subscriptions] opening a session will skip tracking revisions if this is a subscription that retrieves revisions

4.1.8-patch-41017 - 2019/07/15


  • [Cluster] Stability improvements
  • [Import] Fixed import of .ravendbdump file with existing auto map-reduce index
  • [Subscriptions] Fixed subscriptions on deleted revisions
  • Updated .NET Core to version 2.1.12


  • [Conventions] Added CustomizeJsonDeserializer convention
  • [Smuggler] Fixed Operation.WaitForCompletionAsync of the export