What's new

4.1.0 (41001) - 2018/08/31


  • [Indexing] Highlighting support. Blog
  • [Embedded] Embedded package. Blog & Documentation
  • [Migration] SQL Migration. Blog
  • [Migration] NoSQL Migration. Blog
  • [Querying] Dynamic query optimization explanations. Blog
  • [Querying] Lucene explanations. Blog
  • [Querying] Detailed query timings. Blog
  • [Subscriptions] Support for includes. Blog



  • [JavaScript] improved performance
  • [Monitoring] SNMP entry for performance hints and HTTP endpoint for retrieving SNMP values
  • [Monitoring] SNMP entries exposed via HTTP endpoint
  • [ETL] Ability to test scripts
  • [ETL] Support for attachments in RavenETL


  • [Attachments] added session.Advanced.Attachments.Copy
  • [Attachments] added session.Advanced.Attachments.Move
  • [Attachments] added session.Advanced.Attachments.Rename
  • [Changes API] added counters
  • [Cluster Transactions] added session.Advanced.ClusterTransaction
  • [Counters] added session.GetCountersFor
  • [Document Query] added 'ToQueryable'
  • [Indexes] added 'AbstractJavaScriptIndexCreationTask'
  • [Session] added SessionOptions.NoTracking
  • [Session] added SessionOptions.NoCaching
  • [Session] deferred commands will update the session state
  • [Session] new include syntax with IncludeBuilder (e.g. session.Load<T>(string id, Action<IIncludeBuilder<T>> includes))
  • dropped netstandard1.3 target