Migration: Introduction to 3.x to 4.0 Migration

RavenDB Client 4.0 is a major upgrade. It's not backward compatible and the API has a lot of breaking changes.

This section discusses the changes that you need to be aware of when migrating your application using 3.x DLLs, and the recommended actions you need to take.

3.x Packages

Please remove the following 3.x packages:

  • RavenDB.Abstractions
  • RavenDB.Client
  • RavenDB.Database
  • RavenDB.Embedded

4.0 Package

Please install the RavenDB.Client package from NuGet. See what .NET targets are supported by RavenDB Client.

Internalized Json.NET Usage

RavenDB Client doesn't use a customized Json.NET any longer. Replace all references to RavenDB Json.NET, like Raven.Imports.Newtonsoft, with Newtonsoft.Json reference. Please use the latest version of Json.NET for good performance.


RavenJObject is no longer available. Instead, documents are kept internally in blittable format - native, efficient way to represent JSON. You might encounter it when dealing with low-level stuff in the client as BlittableJsonReaderObject or BlittableJsonReaderArray.


Documents don't have etags. Instead, since documents can be stored in a cluster environment that is on different nodes, they use a change vector to reflect changes on particular cluster nodes. The change vector is composed of list of node IDs and a sequential number (per node). The sequential number, still named as the etag, is represented by long.


The entity identifier can only be string. Value types identifiers (int, Guid etc.) are no longer supported.


Document metadata is no longer sent via HTTP headers. It's part of JSON document under @metadata property.

List of changed metadata properties:

  • renamed:

    • Raven-Entity-Name -> @collection
    • Last-Modified -> @last-modified
    • __document_id -> @id
  • deleted:

    • Raven-Last-Modified
    • Raven-Read-Only
    • ETag
  • new:

    • @change-vector
    • @flags


RavenDB.Client doesn't have RavenDB.Abstractions dependency. Please remove all usings of Raven.Abstractions* namespace.

Marking Documents as Read-only

Documents no longer cannot be marked as read-only. The metadata entry Raven-Read-Only is no longer supported and all of the Client API methods e.g. session.Advanced.MarkReadOnly were deleted.


Instead of EmbeddableDocumentStore your tests should use RavenDB.TestDriver package. See the dedicated article.

DTC Transactions

There is no support for DTC transactions.

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