Adding a Node to a Cluster

  • A server will be in a Passive state in either one of the following:

    • When the server is started for the very first time
    • When the server is removed from an existing cluster
  • To make a server become part of a cluster you can do either of the following:

    1. Bootstrap Cluster
    2. Adding another node to this server cluster (will cause both to be part of the same cluster)
    3. Performing any RAFT command on the Passive server will make the server become part of a cluster, e.g.:
      • Adding a license
      • Creating a database on this server
  • In this page:

Bootstrap Cluster

Click 'Bootstrap Cluster' to make the current passive server a part of a cluster.
Note: This option is only available when the server is in the Passive state.

Figure 0. Click to add a new node

Add Another Node to the Cluster

Figure 1. Click to add a new node

Click to add a new node

Figure 2. Adding a new node

  1. Enter the server URL of the new node
  2. Manually select a Node Tag for the new node. The node tage is a unique identifier made up of 1-4 uppercase letters. By default, the tag of the first node in a cluster is A, the second B, and so on. After Z, the next node will get the tag AA, the next AB, and so on.
  3. Decide whether to add the new node as a Member -or- as a Watcher (difference explained in Cluster View)
  4. Toggle whether to use all available cores on the machine for this node
  5. Set a maximum number of cores that can be used by this node
  6. Click Test connection to verify that your cluster can communicate with the server at the specified URL

When done, click Save to add this server as a node to the cluster

This operation can also be done programatically. Read more here.

A Cluster with 2 nodes

Figure 3. Cluster with 2 nodes

A cluster with 2 nodes

Now your cluster contains 2 nodes:

  • The server running on localhost:8081 shows as Node A and is the Leader of the cluster.
  • The server running on localhost:8082 shows as Node B and is a Member of the cluster.

More nodes can be added as needed.