What's new

4.2.1 (42010) - 2019/06/27


  • [Backup] Support for Google Buckets as backup target
  • [Backup] Added option to define a backup operation across all databases
  • [Certificates] Export certificate will work for Operators
  • [Compare Exchange] Added ability to store null as compare exchange value
  • [Compare Exchange] Fixed import of compare exchange values when importing from 4.1 .ravendump file
  • [Cluster] Stability improvements
  • [Counters] Improved import performance and possible memory leaks during the process
  • [CSV] Fixed missing Raven-Clr-Type in Export/Import CSV
  • [Debugging] Added /cluster/topology to the debug package info
  • [Debugging] Capturing stack traces on Linux
  • [Encryption] Improved memory usage by background operations in encrypted databases]]
  • [ETL] Added ETL.MaxBatchSizeInMb option to limit batch size by amount of sent data (default: 64MB)
  • [Indexing] Fixed cleanup on idle index
  • [Indexing] Recreating index writer on EarlyOutOfMemoryException
  • [Indexing] Added support for Aggregate, Join, GroupJoin, LongCount, ThenBy, ThenByDescending, TakeWhile, SkipWhile in the index definition
  • [Indexing] Ignoring ObjectDisposedException on index deletion and not reporting it to the Studio
  • [Indexing] Added configuration option Indexing.Encrypted.TransactionSizeLimitInMb (default: 64MB)
  • [Indexing] Better handling of methods in additional sources
  • [Logging] Added Logs.Compress option to compress log files (default: false)
  • [Logging] Added Logs.RetentionSizeInMb option to control logs retention based on size (default: disabled)
  • [Patching] Fixed memory leak
  • [Patching] Patch will preserve the order of properties
  • [Querying] Added support for sorting by Id as a alphanumeric value
  • [Replication] Fixed conflict creation of HiLo documents
  • [Replication] Fixed NRE when replicating HiLO document tombstone
  • [Replication] Added Replication.RetryMaxTimeoutInSec allowing to retry on replication failure (default: 300 sec)
  • [Subscriptions] Fixed possible endless loop when testing a subscription
  • [Subscriptions] Fixed include usage in subscriptions test
  • [Subscriptions] After restore from export file subscriptions will have different internal identifier
  • [Suggestions] Fixed index writer recreation after indexing batch
  • [Setup Wizard] Fixed port issue when setting up cluster
  • [SNMP] Added SNMP alert for CPU credits
  • [Voron] Fixed error handling in async transactions
  • [Voron] Recognize SMB2 shares as not valid for dir sync
  • Fixed possible race condition during server initialization when using HTTPS
  • Fixed RavenDB 4.2 incompatibility on Windows 7
  • Enhanced performance handling on burstable instances by scaling down background operations
  • Fixed potential server update problem if libsodium or librvnpal libraries were updated


  • [Graph API] Support for alias in edge SELECT clauses


  • [Voron Recovery] Added support for recovering encrypted databases


  • [Backup] Added option to pass node to RestoreBackupOperation
  • [Backup] Added RemoteFolderName to Glacier backup setting
  • [Configuration] Preventing multiple calls to configuration/client endpoint
  • [Cluster] Improving client interaction with the cluster
  • [Cluster] Added SetDatabaseDynamicDistributionOperation operation
  • [Memory] Fixed cached memory usage
  • [Projections] Fixed calculations on integers
  • [RQL] Marking 'limit' and 'offset' as reserved keywords
  • [Querying] Fixed custom converters usage when serializing query parameters
  • [Querying] Added overload for Search method allowing to provide a collection of search terms
  • [Session] Fixed changes detection of session.Advanced.WhatChanged()
  • [Session] Fixed session clearing
  • [Smuggler] Better error handling on Smuggler.ExportAsync is provided path isn't valid or accessible
  • [Streaming] Added support for StreamQueryStatistics to async streaming API
  • Prevented accepting tasks configurations when creating a database or updating database record
  • Fixed DatabaseDoesNotExistException on first operation after creating database


  • [Backup] Fixed Backup local destination folder autocomplete
  • [Licensing] Added Renew option if license is expired
  • [Cluster] Fixed displayed version after server update on Cluster view
  • [Cluster] Fixed Cluster view constantly showing Voting in Progress
  • [Replication Graph] Displaying replication errors

4.2.0 (42009) - 2019/05/21


Out of Experimental


  • [Graph API] Graph Queries support. Blog


  • [Indexing] added dynamic fields (CreateField) to the Terms view
  • [Indexing] added NGramAnalyzer along with Indexing.NGram.MinGram and Indexing.NGram.MaxGram configuration options
  • [JavaScript] performance optimizations
  • [Studio] introduced Light and Blue themes
  • [Studio] added the ability to Diff the Revisions. Blog
  • [Studio] added Identities view
  • [Studio] added StackTraces view
  • [Studio] added Running Queries view and the ability to kill them
  • [Querying] added support for Custom Sorters
  • [RQL] added support for Limit and Offset

Client API

  • [Events] added conversion events to the DocumentStore
  • [Indexing] AbstractIndexCreationTask allows to set index configuration
  • [Subscriptions] support for strongly-typed subscription includes
  • [Querying] added ToArrayAsync support