Client Configuration

Client Requests Configuration

Figure 1. Client Requests Configuration

Client Requests Configuration

1. Identity parts separator

  • Changes the default separator for automatically generated document IDs.
    You can use any char except | (pipe).
    Default value: /

2. Max number of requests per session

  • Set this number to restrict the number of requests (Reads & Writes) per session in the client API.
    Default value: 30

3. Use Session Context for Load Balancing

  • Allow client sessions to select their topology by tag, so they'd be able to load-balance their requests.

  • Optionally, select a hash seed to fix the topology that clients would use.

4. Read balance behavior

  • Set the load-balance method that the client will use when accessing a node with Read requests.
    The method selected will also affect the client's decision of which node to failover to in case of issues with the Read request.
    Note: Write requests will always access the preferred node calculated by the client.

  • Available options are:

    • None
    • Round Robin
    • Fastest Node
  • For a detailed explanation about each option see: Read Balance Behavior Options