Storage Report

Database storage report

Storage Report

Storage Report

  1. Go to Stats > Storage Report.

  2. This is the database location on disk.

  3. Database components:

    • Each rectangle is a database component.
      The size of each rectangle is proportional to its storage size.

    • To see storage details, hover over a section or see the detailed table below.

    • Click any rectangle to view its subdirectories' details.

  4. Set documents compression:

  5. Compact database:

    • Click to compact the database on the local node the browser is opened on.
      This will remove empty gaps on disk that still occupy space after deletes.
      You can choose what should be compacted: documents and/or selected indexes.

    • The compaction operation triggers documents compression on all existing documents in collections
      that are configured for compression. See compaction triggers compression.

    • Note: During this asynchronous operation the database will be offline.

    • The database can also be compacted from the Client API, see compact database operation.