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What's new

5.2.1 (52001) - 2021/07/01


  • [Configuration] added 'Storage.MaxNumberOfRecyclableJournals'
  • [ETL] in case of a upload failure in OLAP ETL try to cleanup after yourself in the remote destinations
  • [Indexes] fixed regression in Lucene that could cause 'ArgumentException' with ' Illegal offset size' message
  • [Memory] try to reuse large segments from the memory allocator (possible memory leak when doing long operations like backups or export)
  • [Monitoring] added ability to define secondary user for SNMP v3
  • [Replication] fixed possibility of replication killing server when database is being deleted at the same time
  • [Replication] fixed possibility of replication with missing attachments went into endless loop state
  • [Queries] fixed issue with delete or patch by query timing out when a lot of document IDs needs to be gathered
  • [TCP] added support for cancellation tokens to abort the connections immediately if needed
  • [Time Series] added tombstone statistics to detailed database stats endpoint
  • [Time Series] properly process tombstones if all documents collection is present
  • [Voron] limiting number of recyclable journals to 32 by default
  • [Utils] fixed issue with DisposeAsync not preventing double dispose in certain situations

Client API

  • [Bulk Insert] fixed possible hang and avoid multi-threaded access to context
  • [Session] better exception when null is passed to TimeSeriesFor
  • [Session] fixed 'ArgumentNullException' when storing an empty string on full .NET application
  • [Session] return null when Load is used and empty string is passed to match the behavior when null string is passed
  • [JSON] properly clearing internal JsonReader state to avoid hitting MaxDepth exception
  • [Querying] added support for enclosing the previous statements in clauses


  • [Certificates] show single entry in the Certificates view when client is using Server certificate to connect
  • [Migration] fixed issue with Advanced menu not opening
  • [Subscriptions] fixed possibility of Studio hanging in the Edit Subscriptiion View
  • [Subscriptions] fixed issue with displaying Test area in the Edit Subscriptiion View

5.2.0 (52000) - 2021/06/21


  • [Certificates] added read-only certificates. Documentation
  • [Cluster] added support for atomic cluster transactions (enabled by default)
  • [Databases] added the ability to prevent deletes (with ignore or immediate error on delete)
  • [ETL] added OLAP ETL support. Documentation
  • [Indexes] added rolling index deployment. Documentation
  • [Indexes] added the ability to define custom analyzer directly in Studio without the need of creating a custom DLL (database and server-wide). Documentation
  • [Indexes] up to 30% improvement in performance when doing spatial indexing
  • [Indexes] added the ability to throttle indexing
  • [Indexes] exposed index history in Studio. Documentation
  • [Monitoring] added monitoring endpoints, Telegraf plugin and Grafana template. Documentation
  • [Querying] added the ability to define custom sorters server-wide
  • [Querying] up to 20% improvement in performance when doing spatial queries
  • [Querying] added the ability to display spatial data on map in Studio. Documentation
  • [Studio] added Cluster Dashboard. Documentation


  • [Backups] do not put empty string to RemoteFolderName when creating server-wide backup
  • [Certificates] fixed issue with replacing a certificate using pinning hash
  • [Cluster] large raft commands should not cause cluster timeouts and cause unnecessary elections
  • [Configuration] added 'License.DisableAutoUpdateFromApi' configuration option
  • [Indexes] added support for ISO-8601 datetime format
  • [Indexes] fixed index instance leak when database record change is being handled but database is being unloaded at the same time
  • [Indexes] fixed issue with GroupBy not returning appropriate results in Time Series indexes
  • [Indexes] fixed possible deadlock that could happen when max number of concurrent indexes is being set
  • [JavaScript] updated Jint to latest version
  • [JSON] optimized blittable JSON parsing
  • [Querying] queries that happen during index replacement should properly react to the OperationCanceledException as well, this exception can happen at Voron storage level when storage of an old index is being disposed
  • [Querying] fixed possible NRE that could happen when queries are being executed and we are skipping results
  • [Replication] fixed possible NRE when Documents DeleteRevision flag was not stripped properly
  • [Replication] fixed possible endless loop when we have missing attachments, but batch size is limiting the batch
  • [Replication] fixed possible endless loop caused by not handling attachment stream files properly when destination database in encrypted
  • [Voron] fixing case where a newly created read transaction could get an already disposed pager state of a scratch file
  • [.NET] updated to 5.0.7

Client API

  • [Querying] added LongCount and LongCountAsync to the queries
  • [Session] fixed issue with including typed Time Series
  • [Time Series] added function evaluation support for group by expressions


  • added view for removing change vector entries of a database
  • sample data now includes spatial data
  • refreshed warning message displayed when database is being deleted
  • refresh server uptime properly on the dashboard
  • setup should show incompatible browser notification