Session: Get Time Series Names

Get the names of a document's time series using Advanced.GetTimeSeriesFor.


Use this method to get all the names of a document's time series.


  • Definition

    List<string> GetTimeSeriesFor<T>(T instance);
  • Parameters

    Parameters Description
    instance The document whose time series names you want to get
  • Return Value

    An array of the loaded document's time series names.

  • Exceptions
    If the instance is not tracked by the session, an ArgumentException exception is thrown.

Usage Flow

  • Open a session.
  • Load a document.
  • Pass Advanced.GetTimeSeriesFor the loaded document.

Usage Sample

In this sample, we load a user document and use Advanced.GetTimeSeriesFor to get a list of its time series' names.

User user = session.Load<User>("users/john");
List<string> tsNames = session.Advanced.GetTimeSeriesFor(user);