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Creating Sample Data

  • Sample data can be generated only on an empty database.

  • Most of the examples in the documentation are based on this data,
    and it will help you become familiar with RavenDB and its various functionalities.

  • In this page:

Create Sample Data

  • Cick the 'Create' button to generate the Northwind database.

  • Documents and sample indexes will be created.

Figure 1. Create Sample Data

Create sample data

The Data Generated

  • The Generated database contains 1,059 documents organized in 8 collections and 3 indexes.

Figure 2. The generated sample documents

Sample documents generated

Figure 3. The generated sample indexes

Sample indexes generated

The C# Entities

  • The C# classes used for appropriate documents entities can also be viewed

Figure 4. The C# classes used for the entities

C# Classes