Renew License

  • When your license expires the Studio is blocked.
    Client API operations and other RavenDB features will continue to work.
    However, any usage of expired RavenDB licenses is outside the license agreement
    and doesn't comply with the EULA terms.

  • Renew your license as described below.

  • In this page:

Renew commercial licenses

  • This section relates to all commercial licenses: Professional, Enterprise, and all ISV licenses.

Automatic renewal:

If your server has an active connection to RavenDB's License Server,
and if the DisableAutoUpdate configuration is Not set to true,
then these commercial licenses will be automatically renewed.

Manual (offline) renewal:

If the connection to the License Server is unavailable, contact customer service to extend your license.
A license renewal email will be sent to you (the license ID will stay the same).
Copy the new license key from the mail and proceed with one of the following options.


  • Replace the existing license key with the new one from the Studio, as described here.


Renew Developer & Community licenses

  • The Developer and Community licenses are renewed from the Studio,
    the 'Renew' button is available only for those license types.

  • They can be renewed when there are less than 30 days remaining on your current license.

Renew License

Renew License

  1. About
    Navigate to the About page in Studio

  2. Renew
    Click the RENEW LICENSE button

    • Renew License
  3. Renew
    Click to renew the current license.
    The renewed license will be sent to you by mail.

  4. Submit
    Paste the renewed license key and click Submit.