Session: Delete Incremental Time Series

Delete a range of incremental time series entries using IncrementalTimeSeriesFor.Delete.


IncrementalTimeSeriesFor.Delete is used for the removal of incremental time series and their entries.

  • There is no need to explicitly delete an incremental time series; the series is deleted when all its entries are deleted.
  • Attempting to delete nonexistent entries results in a no-op, generating no exception.


  • There are two IncrementalTimeSeriesFor.Delete methods:

    • Delete a range of time series entries
      if values are omitted, delete the entire series.
      // Delete incremental time series values range from .. to,
      // or, if values are omitted, delete the whole series.
      void Delete(DateTime? from = null, DateTime? to = null);
    • Delete a single time series entry.
      // Delete the entry value at the specified time stamp
      void Delete(DateTime at);
  • Parameters

    Parameters Type Description
    from (optional) DateTime? Delete the range of entries starting at this timestamp.
    to (optional) DateTime? Delete the range of entries ending at this timestamp.
    at DateTime Timestamp of the entry to be deleted.
  • Return Value
    No return value.

  • Exceptions

    • DocumentDoesNotExistException is thrown If the document doesn't exist.
    • Attempting to delete nonexistent entries results in a no-op and does not generate an exception.

Usage Flow

  • Open a session
  • Create an instance of IncrementalTimeSeriesFor and pass it:
  • Call IncrementalTimeSeriesFor.Delete.
  • Call session.SaveChanges for the action to take effect on the server.

Code Samples

  • Delete a single entry:

    // Delete a single entry
    using (var session = store.OpenSession())
  • Delete a range of entries:

    // Delete a range of entries from the time series
    using (var session = store.OpenSession())
        session.IncrementalTimeSeriesFor("companies/webstore", "INC:Downloads")
            .Delete(baseline.AddDays(0), baseline.AddDays(9));