Subscription Task

Subscription Task Definition

Figure 1. Subscription Task Definition

Subscription Task Definition

  1. The RQL query that selects which documents the subscription sends to the client.

  2. Define the starting point from which to send the first batch:

    • Begining of Time (default option)
      All documents matching the RQL query will be sent, regardless of their creation time.
    • Latest Document
      Start from the first new document that will be created after the subscription is created.
    • Change Vector
      Specify a document change vector as the subscription starting point.
  3. Choose which node will perform this task by default.

  4. Test the subscription query.


Figure 2. Testing Subscription

Testing Subscription

Testing the subscription shows which documents match the specified query.

  1. Limit the number of results to retrieve for this test.

  2. Limit how long - in seconds - the test should continue before stopping automatically.

  3. Run the test.

Details in Task List View

Figure 3. Task List View

Task List View

Click the info button on a task in the task list view, to see more detailed information.

  1. Task Details Panel
    • Task status -
      Active: status is Active while a subscription worker is connected to the task.
      Not active: status is Not-active when no workers are connected.
    • Mode -
      Single: mode is Single if the subscription strategy allows only one worker to be connected at a time.
      Concurrent: mode is Concurrent if the subscription strategy allows only workers that use the Concurrent strategy to connect.
    • Client URI - the identifier of the subscription worker subscribed to this task.
    • Connection strategy - determines the workers connection strategy.
    • Change vector for next batch - the change vector of the last document that was sent in the last batch.
    • Last batch acknowledgement time - the last time a worker responded that it has received a batch.
    • Last client connection time - the last time a worker communicated with or pinged the server.
  2. Database Group Topology

Concurrent Subscriptions

When Concurrent Subscribers are connected to a subscription task, they are all listed on the task details panel.

Figure 4. Concurrent Subscribers

Concurrent Subscribers

  1. Each concurrent subscriber can be disconnected individually.
  2. Refresh the view to see changes in workers connection states.