Licensing Overview

License types

The following licences are available.


  • The developer license is for development use only and isn't applicable for commercial use.
    You must upgrade this license before going into production.
  • It is fully featured but temporary - license lasts 6 months and can be renewed.
  • Certificates exceeding 4 months expiration period are Not allowed to be used with this license.
    Automatic renewal of Let’s Encrypt certificates is disabled.
  • When you are ready to go into production:

  • The developer license can be obtained here.


  • A basic production-grade license.
  • Community licenses last for one year and can be renewed every year.


  • A standard production-grade license.
  • Extended automatically if the server has access to RavenDB's License Server.


  • A high-performance, fully-featured production-grade license.
  • Extended automatically if the server has access to RavenDB's License Server.

ISV Licenses

  • ISV licenses are commercial licenses that allow you to redistribute RavenDB with your software
    for on-premise installation and use by your customers.
  • Available ISV license types are: Essential, Professional, and Enterprise.
  • Contact RavenDB for more details.

Manage license view

About page

About page

  1. About

    • Click to open the About page and view RavenDB version, license, support info, and more.
  2. Version

    • Current version
      Specifies the current Server and Studio versions.
      Knowing the version may be important because some features are version-specific.
    • Send Feedback
      You can send RavenDB feedback about any issue you encounter.
    • Version Number
      Specifies whether you are using the latest Server version.
      To upgrade to a newer version, see upgrading instructions.
  3. License Information

    • Type
      Current license type
    • Expires
      License expiration date.
    • Available features
      A list of features included with this license
    • License Server
      Notifies if there is an active connection to RavenDB's License Server.
      Connectivity issues are often caused by a firewall blocking the connection, or the server running offline.

      • Make sure that RavenDB has access to
      • Click the refresh button to check the connection.

        License server connection

        License server connection

  4. Scroll
    Drag the scroll bar to view all the available features.

  5. Support plan

    • Specifies the support options available under your current support plan.
  6. Available actions

  7. Links

    • Access
      Click to select RavenDB Community Discussions in GitHub, or Google Groups archive.
    • See support options
      Click to visit the RavenDB support options page.