Migration: Migrating from RavenDB 4.x to 5.x

  • RavenDB 5.x supports in-place migration of RavenDB 4.x data.
  • During the first startup after replacing the binaries with the new ones, the data will migrate automatically.
  • Please note that after migrating the data it will no longer be accessible via RavenDB 4.x.

    Please create a backup of your data before migrating.

Migration from RavenDB 3.x

The information above related only to data migration from RavenDB 4.x to 5.x.

  • If you want to migrate your data from a RavenDB version earlier that 4.x,
    please read the dedicated article here.

  • If you want to migrate your data to a sharded database (supported by RavenDB 6.0 and above),
    please read the related article here.

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