Commands: Put Document

  • Use PutDocumentCommand to insert a document to the database or update an existing document.

  • In this page:


# Create a new document
doc = Category(name="My category", description="My category description")

# Create metadata on the document
doc_info = DocumentInfo(collection="Categories")

# Convert your entity to a dict
dict_doc = session.entity_to_json.convert_entity_to_json_static(doc, session.conventions, doc_info)

# The put command (parameters are document ID, change vector check is None, the document to store)
command = PutDocumentCommand("employees/1-A", None, dict_doc)
# Request executor sends the command to the server


class PutDocumentCommand(RavenCommand[PutResult]):
    def __init__(self, key: str, change_vector: Optional[str], document: dict): ...
Parameters Type Description
key str Unique ID under which document will be stored
change_vector str (optional) Entity changeVector, used for concurrency checks (None to skip check)
document dict The document to store