Sharding: Unsupported Features

Unsupported Features

Unsupported Indexing Features

Unsupported Feature Comment
Rolling index deployment
Load Document from another shard Loading a document during indexing is possible only if the document resides on the shard.
Map-Reduce Output Documents Using OutputReduceToCollection to output the results of a map-reduce index to a collection is not supported in a Sharded Database.
Custom Sorters

Unsupported Querying Features

Unsupported Feature Comment
Load Document from another shard An index or a query can only load a document if it resides on the same shard.
Load Document within a map-reduce projection
Stream Map-Reduce results Streaming map-reduce results is not supported in a Sharded Database.
Stream Includes and Loads Streaming Includes and Loads is not supported in a Sharded Database.
Use limit with PatchByQueryOperation or DeleteByQueryOperation Unsupported Querying Features
OrderByDistance Not supported in spatial map reduce indexes

Unsupported Document Extensions Features

Unsupported Feature Comment
Move Attachments E.g. session.Advanced.Attachments.Move("users/1","foo","users/2","bar"); is not supported.
Copy Attachments E.g. session.Advanced.Attachments.Copy("users/1","foo","users/2","bar"); is not supported.
Get multiple Attachments E.g. session.Advanced.Attachments.Get(attachmentNames) is not supported.
Copy Time Series E.g. session.Advanced.Defer(new CopyTimeSeriesCommandData(id, "Count", id2, "Count")); is not supported.

Unsupported Backup Features

Unsupported Feature Comment
Create a Snapshot Backup
Restore from a Snapshot Backup

Unsupported Import & Export Features

Unsupported Feature Comment
Import from a CSV file
Import from an S3 Bucket using GET, Studio, smuggler, import s3 dir
Import from SQL
Import from Other Databases Importing from databases like MongoDB and CosmosDB is not supported

Unsupported Migration Features

Unsupported Feature Comment
Migrate from RavenDB By POST, Studio, smuggler
Migrate from SQL DB

Unsupported Data Subscription Features

Unsupported Feature Comment
Concurrent Subscriptions
Data Subscriptions Revisions Support Subscribing to document revisions
SubscriptionCreationOptions.ChangeVector Providing a change vector to start the processing from is not supported
except for these special cases:
"LastDocument", "BeginningOfTime", "DoNotChange"

Unsupported Integrations Features

Unsupported Feature Comment
Queue ETL Kafka ETL, RabbitMQ ETL
Queue Sink Kafka Queue Sink, RabbitMQ Queue Sink

Unsupported Patching Features

Unsupported Feature Comment
JSON patch

Unsupported Replication Features

Unsupported Feature Comment
Filtered Replication
Hub/Sink Replication
Legacy replication From RavenDB 3.x instances