• Installation: Embedded server/installation/embedded

    ... ...Installation: Embedded RavenDB makes it very easy to be embedded within your application. The first step is to reference the
  • Replication: Using Embedded instance server/scaling-out/replication/replication-and-embedded-instance

    ... ...Replication: Using Embedded instance Replication works using plain HTTP requests to replicate all changes from one server
  • Configuration: Options server/configuration/configuration-options

    ... ...When running RavenDB as a website (through IIS, or in Embedded mode), the config file is web.config; otherwise it is the
  • Administration: Backup and Restore server/administration/backup-and-restore

    ... ...RavenDB supports VSS backups, which is how most backup solutions on Windows work, for databases running on Esent storage. You ca
  • Administration: Exporting and Importing data server/administration/exporting-and-importing-data

    ... ...a RavenDB Smuggler). Raven.Smuggler is distributed in both the: RavenDB
  • Installation: System requirements server/installation/system-requirements

    ... ... splitting the dbs also recommended 64 bit OS .NET 4.5 (or higher) Embedded mode Minimum
  • RavenDB Administration 101 server/administration/administration-101

    ... ...RavenDBAdministration 101 This article contains fundamentals of RavenDB Server Administration and relevant links with
  • Installation: Using installer server/installation/using-installer

    ... ...Installation: Using installer The installation of RavenDB can be accomplished with a GUI installer. The setup wizard will guide
  • Installation: Running as an IIS application server/installation/IIS

    ... ...RavenDBvirtual directory under an IIS application. Setting up a RavenDB IIS
  • Bundle: Encryption server/bundles/encryption

    ... ... encryption bundle introduces data encryption to RavenDB. By default it uses AES-128 encryption algorithm, but this
  • Migrating attachments into RavenFS server/administration/migrating-attachments-to-ravenfs

    ... ...to use a distributed file system - RavenFS which is part of RavenDB. We provide a migration tool to support the migration of
  • Bundle: Compression server/bundles/compression

    ... ...This is because RavenDB is performing a lot of random reads from indexes, whereas with documents we almost always read/write the
  • Configuration: Windows Clustering on Windows Server 2008 server/configuration/windows-clustering/windows-server-2008

    ... ... available in the Enterprise Edition. In order to ensure RavenDB high availability you can run it on a failover
  • Configuration: Windows Clustering on Windows Server 2012 server/configuration/windows-clustering/windows-server-2012

    ... ... available in the Enterprise Edition. In order to ensure RavenDB high availability you can run it on a failover
  • Administration: Multiple Databases server/administration/multiple-databases

    ... ...Administration: Multiple Databases RavenDB originally supports multiple databases. If you want to configure the additional
  • Configuration: License registration server/configuration/license-registration

    ... ... of RavenDBfile to License.xml and put it in the bin folder where RavenDB
  • Bundle: SQL Replication: Basics server/bundles/sql-replication/basics

    ... ... under Raven/SqlReplication/Configuration/name_here key. The document
  • Bundle: Periodic Export server/bundles/periodic-export

    ... ...Bundle: Periodic Export RavenDB innately supports periodic exports of the documents and attachments (including deletions) to a
  • KB: Bundles: Authorization Bundle Design server/kb/authorization-bundle-design

    ... ...this is the design for the Authorization Bundle for RavenDB. I would welcome any comments about it. I gave some background on

  • What's new start/whats-new

    ... ... an identities that was imported which started with Raven/. Studio [SqlReplication] Stats are not available for no
  • Getting started start/getting-started

    ... ... of RavenDBetup. Starting server For starters, you need to have a RavenDB server

  • How to setup connection string? client-api/setting-up-connection-string

    ... ...and the RavenDB client will load automatically configuration based on connection string's parameters. var store = new
  • What is a document store? client-api/what-is-a-document-store

    ... ...document store object has single URL address that points to RavenDB server, however it can work against multiple databases that
  • Transaction support in RavenDB client-api/faq/transaction-support

    ... ...Transaction support in RavenDB In RavenDB all actions performed on documents are fully ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation,
  • How should I store dates in RavenDB? Using UTC? Using Local Time? client-api/how-to/store-dates

    ... ...How should I store dates in RavenDBUsing Local Time? When you store a date to RavenDB, it will save whether it's
  • How to integrate with Excel? client-api/how-to/integrate-with-excel

    ... ...RavenDB has a dedicated support that allows to directly consume data stored in a database by Excel application. The integratio
  • Session: What is a session and how does it work? client-api/session/what-is-a-session-and-how-does-it-work

    ... ... What is a session and how does it work? After creating a RavenDB document store, we are ready to use the database server
  • Working with document identifiers client-api/document-identifiers/working-with-document-ids

    ... ...Working with document identifiers Each document in RavenDB database has a unique string associated with this document, called an

  • Accessing Studio studio/accessing-studio

    ... ...Accessing Studio RavenDB comes with a Management Studio (aka Studio) that can be accessed by any modern browser using the server

  • Indexing basics indexes/indexing-basics

    ... ...RavenDB handles indexing in the background whenever data is added or changed. This approach allows the server to respond quickly