• Session: Opening a Session client-api/session/opening-a-session

    ... ...Session: Opening a Session A Session object is obtained from the Document Store. A Session can operate Synchronously o
  • Session: How to Disable Entity Tracking client-api/session/configuration/how-to-disable-tracking

    ... ...Session: How to Disable Entity Tracking By default, each session tracks changes to all entities it has either stored or
  • Session: How to Disable Caching per Session client-api/session/configuration/how-to-disable-caching

    ... ...Session: How to Disable Caching per Session To reduce the overhead of sending the documents over the network, client library is
  • Include Compare Exchange Values client-api/operations/compare-exchange/include-compare-exchange

    ... ... The Session tracks Compare Exchange Values, which means that after it has been included, the value can be accessed and
  • Compare Exchange Expiration client-api/operations/compare-exchange/compare-exchange-expiration

    ... ... exchange value expiration works very similar to document expiration. Use the @expires field in a compare
  • Compare Exchange Metadata client-api/operations/compare-exchange/compare-exchange-metadata

    ... ... of the compare exchange value object: using (IAsyncDocumentSession session = store.OpenAsyncSession(
  • Session: Loading Entities client-api/session/loading-entities

    ... ...Session: Loading Entities There are several methods with many overloads that allow users to download documents from the
  • Session: Querying: How to Project Query Results client-api/session/querying/how-to-project-query-results

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Project Query Results Instead of pulling full documents in query results you can just grab some pieces
  • Session: Querying: What is a Document Query? client-api/session/querying/document-query/what-is-document-query

    ... ...Session: Querying: What is a Document Query? Low-level querying capabilities can be accessed via the DocumentQuery method in
  • Session: Querying: How to Query a Spatial Index client-api/session/querying/how-to-query-a-spatial-index

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Query a Spatial Index Spatial indexes can be queried using the Spatial method which contains a
  • Client API: How to Handle Document Relationships client-api/how-to/handle-document-relationships

    ... ...Client API: How to Handle Document Relationships One of the design principles that RavenDB adheres to is the idea that documents
  • Session: Querying: How to Perform a Faceted (Aggregated) Search client-api/session/querying/how-to-perform-a-faceted-search

    ... ...Sessiond) Search To execute facet (aggregation) query using the session Query
  • Session: Querying: How to Stream Query Results client-api/session/querying/how-to-stream-query-results

    ... ...Sessionan be streamed using the Stream method from the Advanced session
  • Session: How to Check if a Document Exists client-api/session/how-to/check-if-document-exists

    ... ...Session: How to Check if a Documentk whether the database contains a certain document, use the method
  • Session: Querying: How to Query client-api/session/querying/how-to-query

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Query You can query the database using these methods:
  • Session: How to Use MoreLikeThis client-api/session/querying/how-to-use-morelikethis

    ... ...Session: How to Use MoreLikeThis MoreLikeThis is available through query extension methods and will return similar documents
  • Session: Subscribing to Session Events client-api/session/how-to/subscribe-to-events

    ... ...Session: Subscribing to Session Events Events allow users to perform custom actions in response to operations made in a
  • Session: Updating Entities client-api/session/updating-entities

    ... ...Session: Updating Entities Update an entity by retrieving it, editing its properties, and applying your changes using
  • Cluster: Document Conflicts in Client-side client-api/cluster/document-conflicts-in-client-side

    ... ...Cluster: Documentre conflicts? When two or more changes of a single document are done
  • Session: Querying: How to Use Search client-api/session/querying/how-to-use-search

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Use Search Use the Search() extension method to perform a full-text search on a particular field.
  • Session: Querying: How to Work with Suggestions client-api/session/querying/how-to-work-with-suggestions

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Work with Suggestions The Suggestion feature is available through query extension methods. It gives yo
  • Session: Querying: How to Query With Exact Match client-api/session/querying/how-to-query-with-exact-match

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Query With Exact Match By default, the Where method in Query uses a case-insensitive match. To perform
  • Session: Deleting Entities client-api/session/deleting-entities

    ... ...Session: Deleting Entities Entities can be marked for deletion by using the Delete method, but will not be removed from the
  • Bulk Insert: How to Work With Bulk Insert Operation client-api/bulk-insert/how-to-work-with-bulk-insert-operation

    ... ...IMetadataDictionary metadata = null) Store the entity in an async manner, identifier will be generated automatically on

  • Document Expiration server/extensions/expiration

    ... ...Document Expiration The Expiration feature deletes expired documents, documents whose time has passed. Documents that are
  • Document Refresh server/extensions/refresh

    ... ...Document Refresh The Refresh feature causes a document's change vector to increment. This causes it to be re-indexed, as

  • Querying: Basics indexes/querying/basics

    ... ...Querying: Basics Queries can either be written in the Session with LINQ syntax or in the Studio with RQL. There are

  • Revisions: Loading Revisions document-extensions/revisions/client-api/session/loading

    ... ... revisions and their metadata from the database using these Session methods: session.Advanced.Revisions.GetFor Retrieves
  • Session: Patch Time Series document-extensions/timeseries/client-api/session/patch

    ... ...Sessionatch Time Series To patch time series entries to a document, use session.Advanced.Defer. You can pass Defer a
  • Session: Appending & Updating Time Series document-extensions/timeseries/client-api/session/append

    ... ...Session: Appending & Updating Time Series Create and update time series and their entries using TimeSeriesFor.Append.