• Studio: Query View studio/database/queries/query-view

    ... ...Studio: Query View Use the Query View to run RQL queries and view their results. Queries can be executed either on a
  • Spatial Queries Map View studio/database/queries/spatial-queries-map-view

    ... ... Map View spatial data (geographic location). When a spatial query is
  • Indexes List View studio/database/indexes/indexes-list-view

    ... ...Indexes List View All the database indexes are listed in this view. Actions such as creating a new index, modifying an
  • Documents: Patch View studio/database/documents/patch-view

    ... ...Patch View Use the Patch Viewin a single operation. A patch includes a query that
  • Cluster View studio/cluster/cluster-view

    ... ...Cluster View A RavenDB Cluster is one or more machines (nodes) that have been joined together, working to achieve the
  • Integrations View studio/database/settings/integrations

    ... ...Integrations View The Integrations View allows you to define credentials that third-party clients are required to provid
  • Documents: Document View studio/database/documents/document-view

    ... ...Documents: Document View In this view, a document can be viewed and edited. Actions such as cloning the document,
  • Certificates Management View studio/server/certificates/server-management-certificates-view

    ... ...Certificates Management View The built-in RavenDB Studio enables full customization of client certificates as well as importin
  • Documents: Compare Exchange View studio/database/documents/compare-exchange-view

    ... ...Documents: Compare Exchange View Compare-Exchange are cluster-wide key/value pair items where the key is a unique
  • Database List View studio/database/databases-list-view

    ... ...Database List View All your databases are listed in this view Database stats can be viewed Actions can be performed
  • Document Extensions: Time Series studio/database/document-extensions/time-series

    ... ...query and index time series data, as well as view it as a list of entries or as a graph. An Incremental Time Series is a
  • Documents: Conflicts View studio/database/documents/conflicts-view

    ... ...Documents: Conflicts Viewresolve a conflict between two documents in this view. For a conflict overview see:

  • How to Include Query Timings client-api/session/querying/debugging/query-timings

    ... ...How to Include Query Timings When making a query, you can request to get detailed stats of the time spent by RaveDB on each
  • How to Include Query Explanations client-api/session/querying/debugging/include-explanations

    ... ...How to Include Query Explanations When making a query, each document in the query results is assigned a score. This score
  • How to Stream Query Results client-api/session/querying/how-to-stream-query-results

    ... ...How to Stream Query Results RavenDB supports streaming data from the server to the client. Streaming is useful when
  • Query the Database client-api/rest-api/queries/query-the-database

    ... ...Queryhe Database Use this endpoint with the POST method to query the database: <server URL>/databases/<database
  • Session: Querying: What is a Document Query? client-api/session/querying/document-query/what-is-document-query

    ... ...Session: Querying: What is a Document Query? Low-level querying capabilities can be accessed via the DocumentQuery method in
  • Session: Querying: How to Query client-api/session/querying/how-to-query

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Query You can query the database using these methods:
  • Session: Querying: How to Customize a Query client-api/session/querying/how-to-customize-query

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Customize a Query The following query customization options are available in the
  • Patch By Query client-api/rest-api/queries/patch-by-query

    ... ...Patch By Querye PATCH method to update all documents that satisfy a query: <server
  • Delete By Query client-api/rest-api/queries/delete-by-query

    ... ...Delete By Query DELETE method to delete all documents that satisfy a query: <server
  • Operations: How to Delete Documents by Query client-api/operations/delete-by-query

    ... ... by Querylity to delete a large number of documents with a single query. This
  • Session: Querying: How to Project Query Results client-api/session/querying/how-to-project-query-results

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Project Queryults Instead of pulling full documents in query results you can just grab some pieces
  • Session: Querying: How to Perform Dynamic Group By Query client-api/session/querying/how-to-perform-group-by-query

    ... ... Querying: How to Perform Dynamic Group By Query Since RavenDB 4.0, the query optimizer supports dynamic group by queries
  • Session: Querying: How to Get Query Statistics client-api/session/querying/how-to-get-query-statistics

    ... ... Querying: How to Get Query Statistics Query provide important information about a query like duration, total
  • Session: Querying: How to Query With Exact Match client-api/session/querying/how-to-query-with-exact-match

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Queryh Exact Match By default, the Where method in Query uses a case-insensitive match. To perform

  • Querying: RQL - Raven Query Language indexes/querying/what-is-rql

    ... ... RQL - Raven Query RavenDB use an SQL-like language called RQL (Raven Query Language). In
  • Querying: Query vs DocumentQuery indexes/querying/query-vs-document-query

    ... ...Querying: QuerynDB client offer two ways of querying by exposing the Query as well as
  • Graph Querying: Overview indexes/querying/graph/graph-queries-overview

    ... ... experimental graph support allows you to query your database as if it has been pre-arranged in graph format

  • Include Time Series With Query document-extensions/timeseries/client-api/session/include/with-session-query

    ... ...Include Time Series With Query You can include time series data while retrieving a document via session.Query.