• Session: Subscribing to Session Events client-api/session/how-to/subscribe-to-events

    ... ...Session: Subscribing to Session Events Events allow users to perform custom actions in response to operations made in a
  • Open a Session client-api/session/opening-a-session

    ... ...Open a Session A Session object is obtained from the Document Store. A Session can operate Synchronously or
  • How to Enable Optimistic Concurrency client-api/session/configuration/how-to-enable-optimistic-concurrency

    ... ... made outside of the sessionerwritten. Concurrent changes to the same document will use the Last Write
  • What is a Session and How Does it Work client-api/session/what-is-a-session-and-how-does-it-work

    ... ...What is a Session and How Does it Work The Session, which is obtained from the Document Store, is the primary interface
  • Disable Entity Tracking client-api/session/configuration/how-to-disable-tracking

    ... ...each session tracks changes to all entities it has either stored, loaded, or queried for. All changes are then persisted when
  • Compare Exchange Overview client-api/operations/compare-exchange/overview

    ... ... that are trying to modify a shared resource (such as a document) at the same time. Compare-exchange items are not
  • Client API: Setting up a Default Database client-api/setting-up-default-database

    ... ...database can be set in the Documentfault database is used when accessing the Document Store methods without
  • Disable Caching per Session client-api/session/configuration/how-to-disable-caching

    ... ...Disable Caching per Session To reduce the overhead of sending the documents over the network, client library is caching the HTT
  • Data Subscriptions: Consumption API Overview client-api/data-subscriptions/consumption/api-overview

    ... ... value Description OpenSession() IDocumentSession New document session, that tracks all items and included items o
  • Include Compare Exchange Values client-api/operations/compare-exchange/include-compare-exchange

    ... ... Sessionitems which means their value can be accessed in that Session without
  • How to Handle Document Relationships client-api/how-to/handle-document-relationships

    ... ...How to Handle Document Relationships One of the design principles that RavenDB adheres to is the idea that documents are
  • Session: Loading Entities client-api/session/loading-entities

    ... ...Session: Loading Entities There are several methods that allow users to load documents from the database and convert them t
  • Cluster: Document Conflicts in Client-side client-api/cluster/document-conflicts-in-client-side

    ... ...Cluster: Documentre conflicts? When two or more changes of a single document are done
  • How to Check for Session Changes client-api/session/how-to/check-if-there-are-any-changes-on-a-session

    ... ...How to Check for Session Changes The Session tracks all changes made in all the entities it has either loaded, stored, o
  • Single Document Patch Operations client-api/operations/patching/single-document

    ... ...Single Document The Patch operation is used to perform partial document updates with one trip to the server
  • Session: How to Get and Modify Entity Metadata client-api/session/how-to/get-and-modify-entity-metadata

    ... ...Session: How to Get and Modify Entity Metadata When a document is downloaded from the server, it contains various metadata
  • Session: How to Evict Single Entity from a Session client-api/session/how-to/evict-entity-from-a-session

    ... ...Session: How to Evict Single Entity from a Session We can clear all session operations and stop tracking of all entities using
  • Update Entities client-api/session/updating-entities

    ... ... entities map that the Sessiondit the properties you wish to change. The session will track all changes mad
  • Working with Document Identifiers client-api/document-identifiers/working-with-document-identifiers

    ... ...Working with Document Identifiers Each document in a RavenDB database has a unique string associated with it, called an
  • Session: Querying: How to Use NOT Operator client-api/session/querying/document-query/how-to-use-not-operator

    ... ...Session: Querying: How to Use NOT Operator IDocumentQuery contains NOT operator which can be used to negate next
  • Client API: Subscribing to Store Events client-api/how-to/subscribe-to-store-events

    ... ... actions in response to operations made in a Document Store or a Session. An event is invoked when the selected actio
  • Session: Deleting Entities client-api/session/deleting-entities

    ... ...Session: Deleting Entities Entities can be marked for deletion by using the Delete method, but will not be removed from the

  • Getting Started start/getting-started

    ... ... principles behind our client libraries DocumentStore Session Server Let's start by installing and

  • Document Refresh server/extensions/refresh

    ... ...Document Refresh The Refresh feature increments a document's change vector, triggering its re-indexation as well as othe
  • Knowledge Base: Document Identifier Generation server/kb/document-identifier-generation

    ... ...Knowledge Base: Document Identifier Generation A Document Identifier, ID in short, is a unique identification string

  • Patch Time Series Entries document-extensions/timeseries/client-api/session/patch

    ... ... via the SessionDefer, as described below. You can handle a single document at a time. The
  • Document Revisions Overview document-extensions/revisions/overview

    ... ...Document Revisions Overview Document Revisions are snapshots of documents and their extensions. Revisions can be create