• Backup client-api/operations/maintenance/backup/backup

    ... ...Backup Create a backup of your data to secure it or to preserve a copy of it in its current state for future reference.
  • Backup Encryption client-api/operations/maintenance/backup/encrypted-backup

    ... ...Backupn a database is encrypted, you can generate the following backup types for it: An encrypted
  • Backup & Restore: Frequently Asked Questions client-api/operations/maintenance/backup/faq

    ... ...Backupsked Questions In this page: Is there a one-time backup? How do I create a backup
  • Operations: Server: How to Restore a Database from the Backup client-api/operations/server-wide/restore-backup

    ... ...a Database from the Backup To restore a database from its backupestoreBackupOperation. A backup can also be restore
  • Restore client-api/operations/maintenance/backup/restore

    ... ... new database. BackupLocation string Local path of the backup file to be restored. Path must be local for the restoratio

  • Sharding: Backup sharding/backup-and-restore/backup

    ... ... Backupd databases are backed up using user-defined periodic backupks. Shards can store backup file
  • Sharding: Restore sharding/backup-and-restore/restore

    ... ...Sharding: Restore A sharded database's backup is a set of backup files that were created by the database's shards. To
  • Sharding: Import and Export sharding/import-and-export

    ... ... into a database from either a .ravendbdump file or from backup files (full or incremental). When data is imported into
  • Sharding: Migration sharding/migration

    ... ...as backup replica. In this page: Export & Import Backup Externa
  • Sharding: Unsupported Features sharding/unsupported

    ... ... Unsupported Document Extensions Features Unsupported Backup Features Unsupported Import & Export Features

  • Backup Overview server/ongoing-tasks/backup-overview

    ... ...Backup Overview Maintaining a proper backup routine ensures that you'd be able to restore your data to its state at chosen
  • Configuration: Backup server/configuration/backup-configuration

    ... ...Configuration: Backup Configuration options for backups (both on premise and RavenDB Cloud). Another relevant server
  • Troubleshooting: Debug Endpoints server/troubleshooting/debug-routes

    ... ...backup/database OPTIONS,
  • Encryption: Server Store Encryption server/security/encryption/server-store-encryption

    ... ... user or the same Master Key which was used during snapshot backup. From this point on, the Server Store is encrypted and
  • Ongoing Tasks - General Info server/ongoing-tasks/general-info

    ... ...can be mutated with transformation scripts Backup Schedule a backup or a snapshot of the database at a specified
  • Highly Available Tasks server/clustering/distribution/highly-available-tasks

    ... ... Supported tasks include: Backup Data subscription All ETL types If your license does not provide highly
  • Change Vector server/clustering/replication/change-vector

    ... ... Global Change Vector After Restoring a Database from Backup What are Change Vectors Constructed
  • Server: Ongoing Tasks: External Replication server/ongoing-tasks/external-replication

    ... ... Replication task does not create a backup of your data and indexes. See more in Backup -vs- Replication In the same cluster
  • Monitoring: Prometheus server/administration/monitoring/prometheus

    ... ...ArchivedOnly backupg_backups Number of currently running backups backup
  • Monitoring: Telegraf Plugin server/administration/monitoring/telegraf

    ... ... storage disk space in MB databases time_since_last_backup_in_sec LastBackup databases uptime_in_sec Database
  • Customizing Data Files Locations server/storage/customizing-raven-data-files-locations

    ... ... Backup temporary files By default, backup temporary files are written under the Database directory or under

  • Cloud: Backup And Restore cloud/cloud-backup-and-restore

    ... ...Cloud: Backup And Restore RavenDB cloud instances of the Free and Production tiers are regularly and automatically backe
  • Cloud Portal: The Backups Tab cloud/portal/cloud-portal-backups-tab

    ... ... Tab Your RavenDB cloud products run a mandatory backup routine. Backup files created by this routine are stored in a

  • Server-Wide Backup studio/server/server-wide-backup

    ... ...Server-Wide Backup RavenDB lets you define a backuper-database -or- a Server-Wide Backup Task that backs up all th
  • Create a Database: From Backup studio/database/create-new-database/from-backup

    ... ... From BackupvenDB Studio. In this page: New Database From Backup - Studi
  • Backups studio/database/tasks/backup-task

    ... ...Learn more in BackupStudio view enables you to create ongoing periodic backup tasks, as well as one-time
  • Database List View studio/database/databases-list-view

    ... ... in the database. Latest backuptime The time of the latest database backup. Number of indexes The
  • Studio: External Replication Task studio/database/tasks/ongoing-tasks/external-replication-task

    ... ... Replication task does not create a backup of your data and indexes. See more in Backup -vs- Replication "Live"

  • Counters and Other Features document-extensions/counters/counters-and-other-features

    ... ... Counters and Changes API Counters and Ongoing Tasks - Backup, External replication, ETL, Data Subscription Counters

  • Glossary: Tombstones glossary/tombstone

    ... ... that refer to deleted documents Periodic Backup uses tombstones in order to backup "deletions" of