• Administration: RavenDB CLI server/administration/cli

    ... ...Administration: RavenDB CLI Running RavenDB as a console application provides basic information along with a command line
  • Administration: Statistics server/administration/statistics

    ... ...Administration: Statistics Server statistics Serverlable in the Studio via the Server
  • Hub/Sink Replication server/ongoing-tasks/hub-sink-replication

    ... ... After the data is in the destination server, setting up a hub/sink replication ongoing task will keep the two databases up to
  • Server: Running an Embedded Instance server/embedded

    ... ...Server This page explains how to run RavenDB as an embedded server. In this page:
  • Monitoring: Prometheus server/administration/monitoring/prometheus

    ... ... tool designated to help in the inspection and administration of networks, infrastructures, databases, etc.
  • Encryption: Server Store Encryption server/security/encryption/server-store-encryption

    ... ...Encryption: Server Store Encryption The Server Store is an internal special database (sometimes called the System database) whic
  • Security: Common Errors & FAQ server/security/common-errors-and-faq

    ... ... Issues Setup Wizard Issues Server cannot bind to the provided private IP address Ports are
  • Configuration: Server Options server/configuration/server-configuration

    ... ...Configuration: Server Options Various configuration options for the server's behavior. In this page:

  • Sharding: API Administration sharding/administration/api-admin

    ... ...Sharding: API Administration This page explains how to manage a sharded database using RavenDB's API. Learn here how to
  • Sharding: Studio Administration sharding/administration/studio-admin

    ... ...Sharding: Studio Administration This page explains how to create and manage a sharded database using Studio. Learn here
  • Sharding: Overview sharding/overview

    ... ... the RavenDB serverred from clients when accessing a sharding-capable server or a

  • Index Administration indexes/index-administration

    ... ...Index Administration Indexes can be easily managed from the Studio or via maintenance operations in the Client API. The

  • NoSQL Cloud Service: Overview cloud/cloud-overview

    ... ... you from operational overhead by passing much of the administration to the hands of RavenDB's developers and allowing them
  • Cloud: Tiers and Instances cloud/cloud-instances

    ... ... this page: A Free Cloud Node A Development Cloud Server A Production Cloud Cluster Basic-grade Production

  • Installation: Running in a Docker Container start/installation/running-in-docker-container

    ... ... LTS Docker images of RavenDB Serverlable for Ubuntu Linux and Windows Nano Server. Information related to
  • Installation: Upgrading to a New Version start/installation/upgrading-to-new-version

    ... ...a minor version upgrade process typically takes around 30 seconds. Upgrading Upgrading a RavenDB instance to a new version is
  • Installation: DEB Package start/installation/gnu-linux/deb

    ... ...is also used to Upgrade RavenDB. The RavenDB service will be created and activated automatically. Install RavenDB T
  • Licensing Overview start/licensing/licensing-overview

    ... ... only and isn't applicable for commercial use. You must upgrade this license before going into production. It is fully
  • Replace License start/licensing/replace-license

    ... ... If you upgrade to RavenDB 6.0, you need to upgrade your current license key before applying it to the new version. Use

  • Server-Wide Backup studio/server/server-wide-backup

    ... ...ServervenDB lets you define a backup task per-database -or- a Server-Wide Backup Task that backs up all th
  • Indexing Performance studio/database/indexes/indexing-performance

    ... ...it can be set in the Studio. If it is a server-wide only configuration, it must be set in the server's settings.json. While
  • Import Data from a Live RavenDB Server studio/database/tasks/import-data/import-from-ravendb

    ... ...Import Data from a Live RavenDB Server In addition to importing data from a .ravendbdump file, data can also be imported
  • Server Settings studio/server/server-settings

    ... ...Server Settings The Server common to all the databases hosted by the server. This is a
  • Server Dashboard studio/server/server-dashboard

    ... ...Servers dashboard provides a diagnostic overview of the RavenDB server performance and databases