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Boost Your Application Performance at No Added Cost

Boost Your Application Performance at No Added Cost

In knowing how some of the simplest parts inside your database work, you can make enhancements that will boost your application’s performance.

You already paid 100% for a database, why stop at just 50% of what it can do for your application?

For some cars, at a speed of 60 MPH (95 KPH), it’s cheaper to turn on the A/C because an open window creates an aerodynamic drag that requires the engine to work harder. Other cars don’t need you to warm up the engine so you save on gas and latency from your home to the local Starbucks – if you know to start moving the moment the key is turned.

It’s the same with RavenDB.

Once you discover that there are identical ways to perform certain operations that are a lot cheaper, you’ll gain optimizations every time these operations are executed. A car can only be optimized in use, but these optimizations can be used in both the development and management of your application and its database.

Understanding what’s under the hood of RavenDB helps you perform simple enhancements that produce significant boosts to performance, reductions in latency, and savings on the cloud.

In this webinar, RavenDB CEO Oren Eini opens the hood to what is going on inside his database to show you practical examples on how to use this knowledge to develop faster applications.

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Webinar Details

Level Beginner to Expert
Audience Developers, Architects, DevOps
Duration 91 minutes
Published July 13, 2021